jilicasino| Boston Consulting Ding Jiachuan: Coordinated development in five dimensions helps the internationalization of Guizhou wine

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Theme: 2024 Guizhou Liquor Enterprise Development Roundtable

"Maintain integrity and innovate to jointly protect the Guizhou liquor brand, and gather wisdom and strength to expand advantageous industrial clusters." From May 26 to 27, the 2024 Guizhou Liquor Enterprise Development Roundtable was held at Moutai International Hotel. As an important annual meeting to review and plan the development of Guizhou liquor industry, the Guizhou Liquor Enterprise Development Roundtable has attracted much attention from the industry.

jilicasino| Boston Consulting Ding Jiachuan: Coordinated development in five dimensions helps the internationalization of Guizhou wine

At the "Liquor Industry Exchange Reception" held on the afternoon of May 26, Ding Jiachuan, global partner and managing director of Boston Consulting Group (BCG), shared on how to internationalize Guizhou Liquor.

Ding Jiachuan believes that in the spirits market, Chinese liquor mainly focuses on competition below 3000 yuan. In the ultra-high-end and collectible markets, the share of Chinese liquor is still small.

"Looking at the development process of international spirits, we all unanimously move towards the path of category leaders and coordinated development of production areas." To this end,jilicasinoHe proposed the implementation path for the internationalization of Guizhou wine: the core mission of category leader brands is to lead the entire production area to develop in a coordinated manner in the following five dimensions.

Constructing category value standards: International spirits such as cognac have established a clear value system (base wine year\production\wine varieties, etc.), but Guizhou wine has not yet established a clear value system. It is recommended to gradually establish product value standards to provide the entire Guizhou wine production area value support.

Build a standard for evaluation expression: Take the lead in formulating a unified "Bible" for evaluation expression, deeply influence consumers '"five senses"(i.e. seeing, knowing, smelling, tasting, and feeling), and jointly spread the brand of the Guizhou wine producing area.

Create a complete product system: Improve the product system, cover the entire price band vertically, enrich the width of high-end lines horizontally, open the price ceiling of Guizhou wine, and complete the complete "top richness".

Establish a source experience for large producing areas: Take the lead in creating a world-class iconic experience for large Guizhou wine producing areas, connect various producing areas to return to the factory, and fully occupy the minds of consumers.

Leading the internationalization of categories to go abroad: Category leaders took the lead in capturing the international source of spirits, bringing categories to the world's level, and opening up space for brother companies in large producing areas to go abroad.

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