crashtwinsanityps3| Zhu Wei, Chairman of Guizhouchun: Manufacturers should properly control the quantity, and the price of sauce wine should not be too low

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Theme: 2024 Guizhou Liquor Enterprise Development Roundtable

"Maintain integrity and innovate to jointly protect Guizhou liquor brands, and gather wisdom and strength to expand advantageous industrial clusters." From May 26 to 27, the 2024 Guizhou Liquor Enterprise Development Roundtable was held at Moutai International Hotel as a review and plan for the development of Guizhou liquor industry.crashtwinsanityps3The annual important meeting, the Guizhou Liquor Enterprise Development Roundtable has attracted much attention from the industry.

At the meeting, Zhu Wei, chairman of Guizhou Alcohol, Guizhou Qingjiu and Guizhou Yunjiu Co., Ltd., said in response to the current development status of the liquor industry that the problems of small and medium-sized enterprises have become more prominent under the background of the industry's concentration in leading liquor companies. Behind the expansion of liquor and the growth of listed companies in the past 10 years is a market where small and medium-sized enterprises have been further squeezed, and industry concentration is accelerating.

The current market has entered a stage of stock competition, and "volume" has become an industry keyword. In this regard, Zhu Wei believes that the input-output ratio may not meet expectations. However, under the pressure of reporting and the growth of state-owned enterprises, wine companies are pursuing market growth and intensifying industry corruption.

"In the long run, the characteristics of rigid demand for liquor are still obvious." Zhu Wei said that in the past two years, in the context of the overall economic downturn, the rigidity and stickiness characteristics of liquor consumption have become more prominent. With the introduction of multiple national stimulus policies for the real estate industry, it is believed that with the recovery of the economy and the recovery of commercial activities, there will be a lot of room for the development of liquor in the future.

In recent years, the most talked about in the industry is the cooling of soy sauce wine, but Zhu Wei does not think so.crashtwinsanityps3He said that the number of consumers of soy wine is still increasing, and the frequency of drinking soy wine is also increasing. In the next few years, soy wine will still be the industry's outlet, and Guizhou, the main soy wine producing area, will still have a promising future.

crashtwinsanityps3| Zhu Wei, Chairman of Guizhouchun: Manufacturers should properly control the quantity, and the price of sauce wine should not be too low

But what should wine companies in Guizhou do? Zhu Wei put forward five suggestions.

1. Manufacturers must properly control supply, restore the consumption ecology, and ease the balance between supply and demand. The current problem in the industry is the contradiction between the demand for raw wine and the market. At present, it is difficult for the demand side to make major changes. It is recommended that manufacturers adjust supply and manufacturers work together to create a good business system to maintain a benign nature.

2. The price of soy sauce wine should not fall excessively. In the past two years, due to the recession of the industry, the price of Maotai-flavor has continued to fall, even exceeding the level of cost estimates. This is a kind of harm to the quality of sauce wine, and sauce wine companies must maintain the bottom line of quality.

3. We must adjust our mentality and adhere to steady operations. Zhu Weiyi said that the industry follows the cycle and sets reasonable performance goals."Slow is fast."

4. Grasp the market. Industry adjustment is a rare window for many companies to lay a solid foundation. It is necessary to focus on resources and segment the market."While the rapid development of the industry can be deployed nationwide, and when the external environment contracts, we must focus on resources to segment the market." Zhu Wei said.

5. Focus on innovation. It is necessary to develop differentiated needs, break through needs, and make characteristics. Guizhou Chun, Yunjiu and Qingjiu will also strive to contribute to the high-quality development of Guizhou's liquor.

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