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Today, the three major indexes soared throughout the day.Web3ingamingThe Shanghai Composite Index hit the annual line pressure again, and the gem rose by 3%, re-standing on the 60-day line. The turnover was 1.0864 trillion, the volume was 312.1 billion, and it returned to trillion after many days. There are 68 stocks in the rising limit and only one stock in the falling limit. There are 3931 rising stocks and 1221 declining stocks. Northbound capital inflows into A shares 224Web3ingaming.49 billion, the highest since the opening of the Lu-Hong Kong Stock Connect. The inflow of domestic capital is tens of billions.

Although the index stands on the last year's line, it is still in the shock box and has not yet launched the second wave of the market. The superimposed pre-festival effect of the earnings disclosure period has led to chaos in the market in the first few days of the week. But when the good news hit on Friday, the market rose strongly. There are still two trading days to go before Labour Day short holiday. If the market is to continue to rise, big finance needs to continue to make efforts. In the plate, big financial performance is the strongest, trading volume is enlarged. As the standard-bearer of the bull market, securities firms are of great symbolic significance. It needs to be watched on Monday to see if it hesitates or forcibly attacks on the annual line. The outbreak of the financial sector resonates with the index, so there is room for speculation in the financial sector.

Solid-state battery plate after pre-adjustment, there is room to rise in the later stage, and there is potential for innovation, waiting for a new round of market speculation. There are great differences in the flying vehicle / eVTOL plate. The theme is expected to be optimistic in the later stage, but the short-term trend is not clear, you can wait and see first. The Quantum Communications Board was released recently.Web3ingamingA domestic quantum computing chip with more than 500 bits is developed, which is related to network, communication, information, chip and so on. The development of the industry is relatively slow, the world is still in the early research stage, the growth rate of the industry in the next few years is relatively general.

Therefore, it is still in the stage of speculation, and we can pay attention to it in 2-3 trading days in the short term. Short-term relay is still weak, the number of connected shares was reduced to 5-connected Ovid Communications (002231) and four-connected Asia-Pacific Industries (000691) fell by the limit. Although the short-term mood is improving, it still takes time to digest the scars of the previous period. The number of stocks that fell by the limit was relatively small, but small notes like Asia-Pacific Industries still received serious negative feedback, and Zhongheng Design (603017) also began to cheat people. In operation, the quarterly reports released one after another this week make good companies more certain, and some stocks have identified a double bottom or right bottom, which may be a very good position to add positions. Investors should control expectations and costs, maintain a good state of mind, and look forward to the arrival of Labour Day short holiday.

Early trading strategy on Wednesday, April 24: Zhengdan Zhi Ying No. 1, Sichuan Kyushu, ambushed by No. 2 low, rose by the daily limit on Wednesday and unblocked on Thursday, making a profit of nearly 20%. Thursday, April 25th, early trading strategy: low ambush single mark rose slightly, there is a big positive expectation. Friday, April 26th, early trading strategy: the recent strategy, whether it is large stocks or small stocks, basically can make money. It is still recommended to pay attention to high-level themes, and the sound strategy is still dominated by low-level ambushes. The success rate of buying low has been high. Please note: the content of the newsletter is reviewed and analyzed by the author for 2-3 hours to share the stocks that you think are worth paying attention to, but do not provide investment advice, please make your own judgment and decision. The main game of the newsletter is poor expectations in the short term, so don't be stubborn. Stop profit, stop loss should be implemented in place, short-term and ultra-short-term profit-to-loss ratio should be determined according to the strength of individual stocks, stop loss is generally set at about-5. I wish you all a long-term profit in the stock market.

web3ingaming| Looking forward to Red May! Strategic exposure

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