cryptogamesearn| Xia Hua: Cooperation with academicians is no longer simply purchasing patents, but directly sharing commissions

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Special topic: 2024 China Brand Festival Women's Forum

cryptogamesearn| Xia Hua: Cooperation with academicians is no longer simply purchasing patents, but directly sharing commissions

The Women's Forum of 2024 China Brand Festival was held in Beijing from May 25 to 26. Xia Hua, vice president of China Civil Chamber of Commerce, chairman of Yiwen Group and founder of Yiwen China Handicraft Workshop, attended and delivered a speech on the topic "from the value of Business to the meaning of Life".

"the persistence of the brand to the innovation of the modelCryptogamesearnThis is what I have felt most deeply in so many years, "says Xia Hua." there is not a year when we do not innovate, not a year when we do not change, and every year we are changing. "

According to Xia Hua, Yiwen's clothing industry digital supply chain has driven more than 2000 raw materials merchants. Now there are 496 factories running on the platform, and orders can be confirmed in 3 hours. "for example, I need a certain style today. From the selection to issue an order, the entire production order will be done in 3 hours, which is the industrial change brought about by digitization."

She said that the cooperation between Yiwen Group and scientists and academicians is no longer a simple purchase of patents, but a lifelong cooperation with products. "We worked with four academicians last year, and there was a direct 5% share of the sales of the products." many academicians say that it is better than us to buy patents.

Xia Hua also stressed the importance of altruism. "Today, the project of Chinese embroidery Niang and Chinese Handicraft Workshop has submitted a report card to you after a long journey of 20 years. Now we have covered 12 provinces and more than 150 villages. We now have more than 26700 embroidered Niangs, and more than 1200 Chinese rural handicrafts are in operation."

Yiwen Group has also created two very valuable databases, one is the database of ethnic styles. "each nation has its own legends, totems and patterns, which have been drafted and redesigned. Now more than 1600 designers design new aesthetics on our platform, and these aesthetic patterns that can be applied have now become a very unique gene pool for the Chinese nation," she said.

Another embroidered Niang database. According to Xia Hua, Xiu Niang can receive more than 800,000 orders a year, and Yiwen Group has achieved NFT, Web3 global digital transactions.

She also introduced a case: "Last year, Grandma Pan earned 1.82 million yuan with embroidery of her daughter and granddaughter with her own hands on Evan's platform." Grandma Pan also embroidered many big international brands, including red carpet clothes for stars.

Yiwen Group has also promoted the Deep Mountain Bazaar to the whole world. "We have done 500 games of the Deep Mountain Bazaar this month, specifically showing these non-relics and handicrafts from the deep mountains to the world for sale, and each harvest is very fruitful. We have also created 6 IP, including under the moon concert, turning national songs and modern bands into a new way of art. Including our long table banquet, our Torch Festival and various festivals in the city.

"We hope to make the world understand China, a different China and the most beautiful China in this way," Xia said.

Sina stated that all the minutes of the meeting were arranged in shorthand and had not been reviewed by the speaker. Sina's publication of this article for the purpose of transmitting more information does not mean agreeing with its point of view or confirming its description.

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