baccaratcrystalbunny| News: Hong Kong stocks and Hang Seng Index opened 0.02% lower and the index rose 0.06% Evergrande Motor resumed trading surged nearly 95%

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May 27 newsbaccaratcrystalbunny, U.S. stocks closed higher last Friday, and the Nasdaq hit a record high. Both the S & P 500 index and the Nasdaq recorded gains for the fifth consecutive week. U.S. durable goods orders data unexpectedly rose in April. Markets continue to assess the Fed's monetary policy stance this year. Today, the three major Hong Kong stock indexes collectively opened basically flat, with the Hang Seng Index falling slightly 0.0%baccaratcrystalbunny.02%, at 18,606.02 points, the Hang Seng Index rose 0.06%, and the State-owned Enterprise Index rose 0.04%. On the market, science and technology stocks were generally mixed, with Alibaba rising nearly 1%, while Tencent and Jingdong falling more than 1%. Real estate stocks generally rose, with Jinhui Holdings rising more than 4%. Most auto stocks rose, with an ideal rise of nearly 2%. Evergrande Motor resumed trading today, and 29% of its shares will be acquired. Evergrande Property followed suit by 12%.

baccaratcrystalbunny| News: Hong Kong stocks and Hang Seng Index opened 0.02% lower and the index rose 0.06% Evergrande Motor resumed trading surged nearly 95%

Expert opinion:

Zhi Yaohui, director of research at Yaocai Securities, said that U.S. stocks continued to perform well last Friday. The Nasdaq index hit a record high despite Nvidia's continued rise. The S & P 500 index rose 0.7%, while the Dow rose slightly. Throughout the week, the Dow fell 2.3%, while the S & P 500 index and the Nasdaq index rose 0.1% and 1.4% respectively. U.S. stocks closed on Monday due to Memorial Day, and the market focus was on April PCE data released mid-week.

In terms of the Hong Kong and Hong Kong stock markets, A-shares continued their decline last Friday. The Shanghai Composite Index fell 27 points or 0.88% to close at 3,088.87 points, while the Shenzhen Component Index fell 1.23% to close at 9,424 points, with only RMB 764 billion in transactions. Throughout the week, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 2.07%, while the Shenzhen Component Index fell 2.93%.

Hong Kong stocks also fell repeatedly last week. On Monday (20/5), they hit a new high of 19,706 points for the year. However, they fell for four consecutive trading days. Finally, the Hang Seng Index closed at 18,608 points, a cumulative decline of 944 points or 4.8% in the week. The index fell significantly, reaching 7.6%. Among the components, Lenovo (00992) performed the best, with a cumulative increase of 8.22% in a week. Most of the remaining rising shares were resource or defensive shares, including Rundian (00836), CNOOC (00883) and PetroChina (00857), with increases ranging from 1 to 3%. As for some stocks with poor quarterly results, they fell sharply. Ideal Automobile (02015) fell by 18.4%, making it the worst-performing component stock last week. As for Netease's (09999) performance, although it was better than expected, it was criticized by big banks, and its stock price also fell 12.7% in a week.

After all, the market has risen a lot earlier, so although there was a major adjustment last week, the range is still relatively limited. In the short term, it is advisable to pay attention to the A-share market and the latest performance of the mainland economy. In addition, geographical factors are also worth paying attention to. In addition, the Hang Seng Index is currently near about 18,600 points on the 20-antenna antenna, and if the code is lost, it will move further to near the 18,000-point mark.

The author holds shares in Nvidia and CNOOC

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