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Special topic: 2024 China Brand Festival Women's Forum

The Women's Forum of 2024 China Brand Festival was held in Beijing from May 25 to 26. CEO of New Oriental Broadcasting Studio and Zhang Xiaonan, a former CCTV news anchor, attended and delivered a speech on the topic of "female Media people: strength, Wisdom and charm".

Zhang Xiaonan said that the bottom of "strength, wisdom and charm" corresponds to three words, the bottom of strength corresponds to "be yourself", wisdom corresponds to "growth", and charm corresponds to "love".

In terms of being yourself, Zhang Xiaonan stressed, "if you defineSpindimensionnodepositbonuscodesIf you are yourself, then you are not yourself.SpindimensionnodepositbonuscodesYes, ". "being yourself is definitely not a slogan, not even a goal with an end, but a process of life. It is always the form of ing', iterating and changing every day."

"if you have to be yourself at the age of 40 or 80, how can you do that?" "if you have many wrinkles on your face, then you accept yourself under the wrinkles. When you grow Hua hair, you go to appreciate the appearance of Hua Fa. Why torture yourself?" It's good to appreciate every state of your health right now, so to be yourself is not to limit yourself, nor to be restricted by the age and gender of the outside world, "says Zhang Xiaonan.

Zhang Xiaonan has a rich resume, worked as a teacher in New Oriental, worked as a host in Beijing Satellite TV and CCTV, and now works as an e-commerce businessman in New Oriental Broadcasting Studio. "it was my active choice to be a host on CCTV, but it's not at all to go back to New Oriental to do live e-commerce with a team," she said.

He revealed that Oriental selection exploded on June 9, 2022, and on June 10, the next day, New Oriental Chairman Yu Minhong sent himself a message saying that Xinwang could go back to New Oriental to talk about cooperation. I don't know what the message sent to me by teacher Yu Minhong has to do with Oriental selection and the rest of my life journey. Later, I will talk about going back to New Oriental to do live e-commerce.

"it has been almost two years since June 2022. In these two years, I have been doing myself every day. I am very happy. I stay up every night and get up every morning. No one has asked me, and teacher Yu Minhong has not given me a very clear KPI target and assessment, but I have found my own love," Zhang Xiaonan said. The bottom of "be yourself" is to find the love of that time and moment, and to find the motivation that inspires and touches you most at that time.

Speaking of growth, Zhang Xiaonan said that the slogan of the New Oriental Live Room is "Lighting growth." The word growth has its social attributes, and growth cannot be viewed in isolation. "in the process of growing up, many people tend to become so-called exquisite egoists, because in this process, you do not consider the latitude of the relationship, but only emphasize that you want to grow. What you want to have, but in fact, all growth depends on relationships," she believes.

"you can't just think about growth in the relationship latitude from your own point of view," points out Chang Hsiao-nan.

But she also stressed that the current society can no longer define everyone. "We have begun to define our own growth, which does not mean that I have completed my relationship, my studies and my marriage in my 20s. I finished my examination paper in my 20s. I am in my 30s and in my 30s. I am in my 30s and I am in my 40s. I take care of my parents and children. This is not our life report card. No one stipulates that we are problem writers in small towns. This is also the case with the so-called unlimited growth. All you have to do is live a healthy and fulfilling life.

spindimensionnodepositbonuscodes| Zhang Xiaonan, CEO of New Oriental Live Broadcast Room: Yu Minhong sent a message the day after the Oriental selection hit

"what kind of growth rate and trajectory we have is entirely up to us. Don't count on anyone," says Zhang Xiaonan. Of course, don't blame anyone the other way around.

Talk about the "love" at the bottom of charm. Zhang Xiaonan said that charm emanates from the bottom of a person. "what is more important is to benefit yourself before altruism. Each time you give will make you more attractive. In the process of giving, you can better understand the breadth, height and latitude of love that will change because of the fact that you give love."

"We don't need gender, age, occupation, income, or anything to define us. When you get lost, you tear off all the labels. Your efforts seem to be to get one by one. But if you want to know yourself, to love the world better, you have to tear off these labels, go back to a deeper nature, and look at the beauty of life," she said.

Sina stated that all the minutes of the meeting were arranged in shorthand and had not been reviewed by the speaker. Sina's publication of this article for the purpose of transmitting more information does not mean agreeing with its point of view or confirming its description.

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