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Amway shares (300218100handvideopokerfreeonline.SZ) it was released on May 25, 2024 that100handvideopokerfreeonlineOn May 24, 2024, Amway shares were investigated by Yongle Investment and other institutions, Secretary of the Board and Deputy General Manager: Liu Songxia; Securities Affairs Representative: Chen Liting participated in the reception and answered the questions raised by the research institutions.

Details of the research institutions are as follows:

Yue Xiongwei / Yongle Investment; Ma Yuanyuan / Zheshang Securities.

The main contents of the survey are:

First, visit the company showroom

2. Main questions and answers:

1. Can Amway's current operation in Vietnam make a profit this year?

A: since the fourth quarter of 2023, with the gradual increase of customer orders and the gradual release of production capacity, Amway Vietnam production and sales have grown steadily, losses have been reduced, and the situation has improved. The company expects Amway Vietnam to reduce and stop losses in the second half of 2024, and strive to achieve a slight profit for the whole year.

2. How do companies generally plan and forecast their revenue for the next year?

Answer: the company usually starts to formulate the sales plan for the next year in the fourth quarter of each year. First of all, the marketing department will discuss and analyze the customers one by one based on the external market environment at that time and for a period of time in the future. to form a preliminary sales plan.

According to the preliminary sales plan of the marketing department, the management of the company organizes several rounds of discussion and analysis from top to bottom and bottom to top, and finally forms the sales plan for the next year. The company's annual plan goal is the plan goal that the company expects to achieve through hard work, and does not represent a commitment to social investors.

3. Does Amway headquarters have any new production expansion plans this year?

A: in recent years, with the transformation and upgrading of customers and the market, the company has actively optimized and adjusted its internal capacity structure, adjusted part of its wet production capacity, and added a new dry-process composite polyurethane synthetic leather production line to accumulate energy for future development.

4. Does the company account for Nike's share of internal procurement?

A: the company cooperates well with Nike equipment Department and is Nike's only qualified supplier of polyurethane synthetic leather and composite materials for shoes in Chinese mainland. Due to the late entry of Nike shoes supplier system, the cooperation between Nike and Nike in 2023 is in the stage of accumulating energy and steadily increasing its sales business compared with the same period in 2022, but its revenue and share are relatively small.

The company actively promotes cooperation with Nike equipment Department and shoes Department. At present, Nike has more new projects and new products in the company, from Nike football and sports bags to sports and casual shoes materials. The opportunity of the company is increasing, and the situation is improving.

This year, the holding subsidiary Amway Vietnam entered Nike's global shoe material supplier system, which is an important platform to serve Nike in the future. Nike is an important incremental customer and significant growth space for the company, with strong momentum and broad space in the future.

5. Income of automobile interior decoration category in 2023? How did the company enter the automotive field?

A: the car interior market is an emerging market area that the company focuses on developing. At present, the number of car brands serving is gradually increasing. The company's products are applied in some models of BYD, Toyota, Xiaopeng, Great Wall, Jiyue, Polar Krypton and other automobile brands. It is in the stage of active expansion and accumulation of energy. It has achieved initial results since the second half of 2023, and its sales revenue shows a trend of "low base and high growth" compared with 2022.

The company entered the field of automobile interior decoration in 2015 and first cooperated with Jianghuai Automobile, a local car brand in Hefei. Because the automobile interior materials at that time are mainly leather, PVC and textiles, due to few market opportunities, limited channel relations and other factors, the company's automobile interior revenue scale is relatively small.

The company is firmly optimistic about the automobile industry, and is striving for new designated projects to increase the internal share of existing customers, while actively promoting the certification of new brand car enterprises. The company has the ability and confidence in the future period of time. Strive to improve the income of automotive interior products.

6. what are the expectations of the electronic product category in the next two or three years?

A: electronic products are one of the new categories of the company, and it is an important new momentum and incremental space for the company in the future. At present, the company covers some terminal products and accessories of well-known consumer electronics brands at home and abroad, stable cooperation with Apple, better cooperation with Samsung and Beats, and new projects in the stage of development and mass production; actively contact and expand Motorola, Lenovo, Google, OPPO, VIVO, Glory and other brand enterprises.

100handvideopokerfreeonline| Amway Shares (300218.SZ): The company expects Amway Vietnam to reduce losses and stop losses in the second half of 2024

Electronic products have rich application scenarios, high industry barriers, difficult access, and high requirements for precision and stability of products. The company has accumulated certain advantages in this category and is striving to increase its internal share among existing customers. Strive to expand sales and increase market share. The company has good expectations for the sales of electronic products, and strives to become bigger and stronger to achieve better benefits.

7. What categories or customers are likely to contribute the most to the company's revenue in 2024?

A: with the initial results of the transformation of the company's products and customers, the sales of the company's main categories have improved in an all-round way. On the one hand, the company actively promotes the strategy of key customers, promotes the upgrading of products and customer structure, increases the number of major customers of domestic and foreign brands, and increases the proportion of high gross profit products such as automobiles, electronics, high-end functional shoes and high-end sofas; on the other hand, the company makes overall plans, pays attention to key points, establishes an echelon customer group, does not rely too much on a single customer and avoids business risks.

8. The average annual R & D investment of the company is about 80 million yuan before 2020, with an average of more than 100 million yuan in the past two years.

A: the company adheres to long-term doctrine, maintains high-intensity R & D investment, increases the development of high-tech content and high value-added products, and increases market development. In recent years, the number of major customers of the company's domestic and foreign brands has increased, and the results of transformation and upgrading are beginning to show. The company's investment in research and development brings strong support for sustainable growth and development.

The company always adheres to the idea of "management generation, development generation, reserve generation, planning generation" in product development, adheres to market-oriented, customer-centered development, market-oriented and customer-centered development, and strives to develop and operate water-based, solvent-free, TPU, silicon-based, bio-based, recycling and other differentiated, competitive and aftereffect product technology.

9. Will there be new application scenarios for polyurethane composites?

A: the polyurethane composite industry the company is in is a fast fashion industry, which is closely related to people's daily life. There is a wide range of downstream applications, and there is room and possibility for further expansion.

The company actively pays attention to the development trends of the industry, while cultivating and expanding emerging fields such as outdoor, yachting, and medical care, striving to meet changing market needs, gain new growth opportunities and incremental space, and accumulate energy.

10. Development space for Adidas?

Answer: To get an Adidas order, you don't need to build a laboratory first like Nike does. At present, the company and Amway Vietnam are actively contacting and developing products, and are at the stage of laying the foundation and accumulating energy.

The company and its holding subsidiary Amway Vietnam have also become qualified suppliers of Adidas, indicating that the company's comprehensive strength and level have once again been recognized by world-class sports brands. Adidas is an important new driving force and new growth point for the company in the future, which will help further expand the company's international footwear brand customer base.

11. Looking at April and May, what is the company's operating situation in the second quarter?

Answer: Since 2024, the company has continued its good momentum in the third and fourth quarters of 2023, actively promoted marketing and development work, and production and operations have stabilized and improved.

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