liveroulettecasinosite| Mysterious buyer plans to buy nearly 30% of Evergrande Motor's shares, the company's share price soared nearly 90%

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Topic: Mysterious buyer will buy 29% stake in Evergrande Motorliveroulettecasinosite! Company's stock price soared after resuming trading

Financial Union, May 27 (Editor Hu Jiarong) Stimulated by the positive purchase of some equity, Evergrande Automobile (00708liveroulettecasinosite.HK)'s share price surged. As of press time, it rose 86.84% to HK$0.71.

In terms of news, Evergrande Motor announced on the 26th of this month that 3.145 billion potential sale shares (accounting for approximately 29% of all issued shares) will be acquired, and 3.203 billion potential sale shares (accounting for approximately 29.5% of all issued shares) will become an option for the potential buyer within a certain period after the date of the sale and purchase agreement. In addition, Evergrande Motors has resumed trading on the Stock Exchange starting from 9 a.m. today.

liveroulettecasinosite| Mysterious buyer plans to buy nearly 30% of Evergrande Motor's shares, the company's share price soared nearly 90%

Independent third party or acquisition of Evergrande Automobile

The announcement revealed that on May 16, potential sellers such as China Evergrande Group, Evergrande Health Industry Group Co., Ltd. and Acelin Global Limited signed a preliminary agreement with an independent third-party potential buyer. This suggests that potential sellers and potential buyers may reach a final deal on the sale of Evergrande Motors shares.

Currently, Evergrande Health, Evergrande Group and Acelin Global Limited, the top three shareholders of Evergrande Motors, jointly hold 58.5% of the company's shares.

In addition, the announcement also mentioned that prospective buyers are about to acquire the 29% shares held by the above three shareholders, and may further acquire the remaining 29.5% shares in the future.

Why did Evergrande Automobile previously announce its suspension?

In fact, Evergrande Motor announced a short suspension of trading as early as May 17 and 20. In its announcement on the 17th, the company stated that it announced on the 16th that Evergrande Group, Evergrande Health, and Acelin Global Limited entered into terms and conditions with independent third parties. Under the terms, a potential seller and a potential buyer may enter into a final sale and purchase agreement for the purchase and sale of shares in the company held by the potential seller.

Subsequently, on the evening of May 22, Evergrande Automobile announced that its subsidiary Evergrande New Energy Vehicle Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. was requested by the relevant local government to terminate the investment cooperation agreement and refund the various awards and subsidies issued totaling approximately 1.9 billion yuan.

From this point of view, Evergrande Automobile's suspension was mainly due to the company's handling of major inside information involving share transfers, as well as the cancellation of investment cooperation agreements related to local governments and the return of incentive subsidies.

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