pennslammer310500| Attention! The ratings of these stocks have changed, with 37 shares upgraded and 9 shares downgraded

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Oriental Fortune Choice data show that since May, 37 stocks, including Gree Electric Appliance (000651), TCL Technology, China Shenhua and Huaxia Airlines (002928), have been upgraded by brokers, which are bullish.Pennslammer310500The main reasons include profitability repair, high dividends and so on.

At the same time, nine stocks have been downgraded by brokers recently, mainly because analysts are cautious about the decline in the company's gross margin and profit expectations.

The securities firm upgraded the rating of 37 shares, mainly due to improved profits and high dividends.

Oriental Fortune Choice financial terminal shows that brokerages have upgraded a total of 37 stocks since May. Including Gree Electric Appliances, TCL Technology, China Shenhua, Huaxia Airlines, Bei Kang, Lao Bai dry Liquor (600559) and other stocks have recently been upgraded by securities firms.

Judging from the reasons for upgrading, many companies have been upgraded by securities firms due to the improvement of performance in 2023 and the first quarter of this year, the repair of profitability, the reversal of difficulties and other reasons.

For example, Tianfeng Securities (601162) reported on May 26th that the rating of Huaxia Airlines was upgraded to "buy". Tianfeng Securities said that Huaxia Airlines' homing net profit reached 0 in the first quarter of 2024.Pennslammer310500The return of losses to profits of .25 billion yuan is mainly due to the increase in other benefits brought about by the adjustment of the branch subsidy policy of the Civil Aviation Administration. Tianfeng Securities believes that in the future, as China's regional aviation subsidy policy continues to be updated and improved, the government subsidy of Huaxia Airlines is expected to further improve, profitability will pick up, and the inflection point of sustainable operation may be revealed. considering the good performance of aviation stocks in the upward phase of the inventory cycle in history, it was upgraded to the "buy" rating.

Founder Securities upgraded TCL Technology to "highly recommended" in a research report on May 21. Founder Securities (601901) said that due to the continued rise in panel prices and the implementation of the "on-demand production" strategy of the panel factory, the company's profitability is expected to be stable and good in the future.

High dividend is also the reason why many stocks are favored by brokerages.

pennslammer310500| Attention! The ratings of these stocks have changed, with 37 shares upgraded and 9 shares downgraded

Huafu Securities, for example, recently upgraded China Shenhua to "buy". Huafu Securities believes that due to the prominent advantages of the company's integration, sound profit performance, coal business to achieve low-cost operation, power generation business continues to expand, raising the company's profit expectations. At the same time, considering the company's sound operation, abundant funds and strong anti-risk ability, the sustained and stable high proportion of dividends highlight the long-term investment value; the superimposed market value management assessment is expected to promote the further improvement of the valuation of central enterprises, including the company, and upgrade the company's rating.

Fuana was also recently upgraded to "buy" by Oriental Securities (600958). Oriental Securities said it adjusted its valuation to DCF and upgraded it to a "buy" rating, with a target price of 14.97 yuan, taking into account the company's excellent operating quality, robust performance and continued high dividends.

Nine shares have been downgraded in the past two weeks.

In terms of downgrading, nine stocks have been downgraded by brokers in just two weeks since mid-May, and the decline in the company's future earnings forecast is still the main reason for the downgrade of analysts.

On May 26th, Zhejiang Merchants Securities (601878) released the research report "Xizi Jianneng Review report: the profitability of waste heat boiler business is under short-term pressure, and molten salt energy storage provides development kinetic energy", downgrading Xizi's energy-saving rating from "buying" to "increasing". According to Zheshang Securities, the company's revenue is expected to grow at a compound rate of 4% in three years from 2024 to 2026, and its net profit will grow at a compound rate of 111% in three years. Considering the fierce competition in the company's waste heat boiler business market, the gross margin of industry orders has the risk of decline, downgraded to "overweight" rating.

Great Wall Securities downgraded CITIC Communications (300136) to "overweight" in a research report on May 20. Great Wall Securities (002939) analysis said that in 2023, a number of the company's products to achieve mass supply, and deeply recognized by customers. With the introduction of AI applications, folding screens and other innovative technologies and innovative forms in consumer electronics products, and the arrival of the next replacement cycle, consumer electronics market demand is expected to gradually improve, and the company's performance is expected to be further repaired.

As for the reasons for the downgrade, Great Wall Securities said it downgraded its profit forecast in view of the decline in terminal demand for the company's products and the impact of downstream destocking pressure, as well as a weaker-than-expected recovery in the consumer market. so downgraded to "overweight" rating.

Nomura Oriental International Securities downgraded Tiger Pharmaceuticals (300347) to "neutral" in a research report on May 20, with a target price of 52.25 yuan (originally 83.50 yuan). According to the analysis of Nomura Oriental International Securities, the tightening of global pharmaceutical investment and financing has weakened the R & D demand of the downstream enterprises of the company, but it can be seen that the company's domestic business still maintains a good growth trend, which proves that the company has a solid competitive advantage as a domestic clinical CRO leader. Considering that there is still great uncertainty in the global pharmaceutical investment and financing environment in 2024, Nomura Dongfang cautiously lowered its 2024 Mel 2025 revenue forecast.

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