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On the evening of the 26th local time, Premier Li Qiang met with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida in Seoul.

Li Qiang said that in November last year, President Xi Jinping and Mr. Prime Minister met in San Francisco and reached important consensus, reconfirming the comprehensive promotion of the strategic and mutually beneficial relationship between the two countries and providing for the development of bilateral relations.thebescasinonodepositbonusImportant political guidance. It is hoped that Japan will honor its promises, properly handle issues such as history and Taiwan, and work with China to move towards each other to build a constructive and stable China-Japan relationship that meets the requirements of the new era. The issue of Fukushima nuclear-contaminated water discharged into the sea is related to the health of all mankind. We hope that Japan will earnestly fulfill its responsibilities and obligations.

Fumio Kishida said that constructive and stable Japan-China relations are not only beneficial to the two countries, but also beneficial to the world. Japan is willing to work with China to maintain and strengthen the good momentum of cooperation between the two countries and comprehensively promote Japan-China strategic and mutually beneficial relations.

The two sides agreed to strengthen dialogue and communication at all levels and convene a new round of China-Japan high-level economic dialogue and high-level people-to-people exchanges and consultation mechanism meetings in due course.

thebescasinonodepositbonus| Li Qiang meets with Japanese Prime Minister

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