abbabingo| Liu Qiangdong was angry: "Not my brother"!

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Liu Qiangdong shot at the "lie flat" brother.AbbabingoYes!

Recently, there has been a lot of news around 's strict grasp of attendance, according to a reporter from the Securities Times confirmed to insiders that Liu Qiangdong, founder of, said bluntly at a recent management meeting: "those who do not perform well for a long time and never work hard. Not my brother."

The above-mentioned person further revealed to the reporter that has employees who sign in for nearly 100 days a year and get off work at 4 o'clock every day, but they can still receive a full salary, while according to statistics, the number of people signing in every month is as high as 1.Abbabingo.40,000 times.

"No hard work, no brother."

At present, the entire senior management of is reflecting on the mistakes in management in the past few years, admitting that there is a "big enterprise disease" in the group system, which is even more serious than that of "state-owned enterprises" and serious problems in management.

abbabingo| Liu Qiangdong was angry: "Not my brother"!

According to the reporter confirmed to insidersAbbabingoI learned that Liu Qiangdong said bluntly at a management meeting: "those who do not perform well for a long time and never work hard are not my brothers."

An insider revealed: "the management is indeed reflecting on the loose management model of in the past few years, resulting in the slow development of the company in the fierce competitive environment, the performance development falling short of expectations, and serious problems in the corporate culture of the main business sectors. as well as the situation of long-term depressed stock prices, a stricter attendance system has been introduced."

It is reported that takes a two-hour lunch break and can even turn off the lights and sleep. Compared with other Internet companies, has many employees who start their afternoon work at 02:30. There are even employees who sign in for nearly 100 days a year, get off work at four o'clock every day, and still get a full salary. According to statistics, signs in as many as 1 people per month.Abbabingo.40,000 times.

Therefore, recently began to adjust the rules of his lunch break and began to strictly inspect attendance. The new rules require the number of workers to be counted at 9 a.m. every day, and the shuttle bus needs to submit a certificate if it is late; the lunch break is shortened to one hour, and the lights are not allowed to be turned off between 12:00 and 13:00; it is strictly forbidden to sign in for you, and the relevant personnel will be dealt with seriously once found; in order to evaluate their job saturation, employees who get off work at 18:00 in the evening should be taken into account; all non-work WeChat groups will be disbanded.

According to the reporter's understanding, in fact, at the end of last year, Liu Qiangdong expressed serious dissatisfaction with the management of first, the overall organizational efficiency, and second, the group's strategic out of focus.

Does strengthening the sign-in mechanism lay off staff in a disguised form?

According to the reporter's understanding, did fire employees who had a serious sign-in phenomenon, as well as employees who had long-term poor performance but were unwilling to work hard and still did not improve their performance.

According to media reports, there is a saying within that is quite tolerant of employees, especially older employees, and some even say that won the "death-free gold medal" after three years, and that employees with poor performance and low willingness to fight have been retained. This led to some employees very lazy, but also caused a sharp decline in 's combat effectiveness, a serious decline in performance growth.

Some laid-off employees said that actually laid off staff in a disguised form through a strict attendance system. Some former employees of said that the layoffs were mostly veteran employees, involving marketing, operations, procurement and other positions, while the new graduates were laid off because of their speeches on the intranet and touched 's red line.

In this regard, the reporter asked for confirmation, but the other side did not reply to this. 's financial reports in the past three years show that its total number of employees increased from 390000 to 520000 from 2021 to 2023, and the per capita annual income of employees was about 2.4694 million yuan, 2.3225 million yuan and 2.0976 million yuan respectively, a decrease of about 371800 yuan in two years.

As of May 24, 's share price was $30.27 per share, with a total market capitalization of $48.18 billion, while 's share price peaked at $101in 2021, compared with a 70 per cent drop from its peak.

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