yesjilicom| Xiangya Biotech successfully completed Series A financing and accelerated the industrialization of the "Huawu" series of recombinant collagen products

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Xiangya Biopharmaceutical (Huzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xiangya Biology), a leader in the domestic reorganized collagen industry, successfully completed round A financing. Hainan Anrui No.1 Venture Capital Fund Partnership, Hainan Anrui Private Equity Fund Partnership, Huzhou Jinkun Equity Investment Partnership (a subsidiary of Ke Venture Capital Group) has invested nearly 100 million yuan. This is another important milestone after Meilai Medical Group's strategic investment in Xiangya Biology in April 2024.

Xiangya Biology focuses on innovative medical treatment in the fields of wound repair, medical cosmetology and serious medical treatment (002173) the research and development of devices and new drugs, and focuses on various regenerative materials, including recombinant collagen, with synthetic biology and stem cell technology as the core. Focus on the research, development and industrialization of recombinant collagen in II/III medical devices and cell products in the fields of medical beauty (wound repair, scar prevention, implant filling) and serious medicine (artificial skin, cultured cartilage, cardiovascular stent).

Mr. Liu Yang, General Manager of Xiangya Biology, said: this round of financing funds will be applied to the in-depth research and development of the company's "flower gargle" series of recombinant collagen and product industrialization, in particular, to accelerate the increase of the production capacity of the company's own "triple helix structure" recombinant collagen and many three types of medical devices and clinical research, so as to further consolidate the company's leading position in the same industry in China.

Xiangya Biology: the company is led by Nobel Prize winners in medicine and is jointly established by experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the University of Macau and other well-known institutions at home and abroad. It is committed to the research, development and industrialization of the third generation recombinant collagen biological materials.YesjilicomA number of national, provincial and municipal key innovation projects, with a number of product patents and R & D achievements; with many brands at home and abroad, large-scale medical institutions to establish long-term strategic cooperation.

The company has innovative raw material research and development, medical device R & D and production, cosmetic OBM and other business capabilities, and can make use of key technologies such as drug screening, nano-packaging, freeze-drying of active substances, exocrine system preparation and so on.

As a leading scientific and technological innovation enterprise in the field of regenerative medicine and anti-aging in China.YesjilicomIts "flower gargle" brand has developed rapidly in recent years, and has continuously made breakthroughs in the research and development of innovative medical devices and new drugs in the fields of wound repair, medical beauty, serious medical treatment, etc. it has formed a research and development platform with Taihu Lake Institute of Regenerative Medicine as the core R & D platform, and launched a variety of core products named "Huashou", including scar gel, liquid dressings and repair paste products, which are well known and recognized in the industry.

Hainan Anrui Fund: Hainan Anrui Private Equity Fund Partnership (Limited Partnership) is a venture capital fund registered in Hainan Free Trade Port and registered with China Securities Fund Industry Association. The fund manager is Haisheng Private Equity Fund Management (Hainan) Co., Ltd. Haisheng Fund focuses on private equity investment and venture capital fund business, the management scale has exceeded 1 billion yuan, and the investment field covers many hot industries such as new energy, information technology, advanced manufacturing, biopharmaceutical and so on. Successfully excavated and invested in a number of excellent enterprises with great potential.

Science Venture Capital Group: Huzhou South Taihu Science and Technology Investment Development Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Science and Technology Venture Capital Group) is a municipal first-class state-owned company funded by Huzhou State-owned assets Supervision and Administration Commission, with a registered capital of 3 billion yuan. Relying on the high-energy platform of Huzhou South Taihu Lake New area, one of the first four new areas in Zhejiang Province, Ke Venture Capital Group focuses on the core business of industrial investment and fund investment. to provide full-life-cycle fund investment services for all industrial entities in the South Taihu Lake New area.

yesjilicom| Xiangya Biotech successfully completed Series A financing and accelerated the industrialization of the "Huawu" series of recombinant collagen products

Up to now, Science Venture Capital Group and its subsidiaries have cooperated with a number of domestic head institutions, operating more than 20 industrial funds with a scale of 21 billion yuan.

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