bingoaccessories| Google CEO admits AI summary feature has an "illusion" problem: no solution

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IT Home May 26 NewsbingoaccessoriesGoogle Search's newly launched "AI Overviews" feature has been criticized recently because it often provides severely erroneous search result information. For example, it once advised users to use glue to prevent cheese on pizza from slipping off.

bingoaccessories| Google CEO admits AI summary feature has an "illusion" problem: no solution

Earlier this week, the technology media The Verge reported that Google CEO Sandar Pichai admitted in an interview that the "illusions" created by these "AI summary" functions are "inherent flaws" of the Large Language Model (LLM), which is the core technology of the "AI summary" function. Pichai said that this problem is still an unsolved problem.

This means that although Google engineers have been working to fix various strange and seriously wrong answers to the AI Summary feature, such problems will continue to arise.

However, Pichai seemed to downplay the seriousness of the mistakes. He said: "The AI Summary feature sometimes goes wrong, but that doesn't mean it's not useful. I don't think that's the right way to look at this feature. Are we making progress? Yes, there must be. Compared with last year, we have made great progress in terms of indicators of factual accuracy. The entire industry is improving, but the problem has not been completely solved."

Although Pichai is optimistic about the practicality of the "AI Summary" feature, errors in this feature have caused a huge wave on the Internet, and many users have shown examples of the feature generating various error messages. This further damaged the credibility of Google's search engine, which has previously been criticized for providing spam results to users.

IT Home notes that artificial intelligence consultant and SEO expert Britney Muller wrote on social media: "People expect artificial intelligence to be far more accurate than traditional methods, but this is not always the case! Google is taking a risky gamble in search to outperform competitors Perplexity and OpenAI, but they could have used artificial intelligence for larger, more valuable use cases."

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