pokerqueen| Zhang Chaoyang talks with Li Shufu: Learning is a kind of education with a good sense of mission should maintain students 'curiosity and excitement

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On May 24, Zhang Chaoyang, founder, chairman and CEO of Sohu, and PhD in physics, met with Li Shufu, chairman of Geely Holding Group, at Geely College to open a meetingpokerqueenA game about "chasing dreams"pokerqueenThe dialogue discussed in depth topics such as dreams, education, talent training, and innovation. At the same time, in the "Zhang Chaoyang Physics Course" session, Zhang Chaoyang discussed a typical problem encountered in the transition between universes-the Homer Transition, and led the teachers and students of Geely College to experience the charm of physics together.

Zhang Chaoyang believes that learning is not only for exams, but also a reflection of a sense of mission. Really good education should maintain students 'curiosity and excitement, stimulate students' inner driving force, and enable them to find fun and meaning in learning, so that students with creative and inquiry-oriented spirit can be cultivated. This coincides with Li Shufu's school-running philosophy. Geely's education model emphasizes "thousands of people, thousands of faces", is committed to the personalized development of education, respects subjectivity and differences, and focuses on the cultivation of independent thinking, independent judgment and exploration capabilities.

At present, competition in all walks of life is becoming increasingly fierce, and anxiety about "involution" is rampant. The two are both entrepreneurs and strivers, bringing some messages to young people who are entering society. Zhang Chaoyang hopes that young people will maintain a lifelong learning attitude, insist on getting up early to exercise, controlling life, continuing to learn and take action, and continue to trouble no matter how old they are. In his view, in the process of growing up, it is not just about getting ahead and honoring your ancestors, but also about making a lot of money. The higher responsibility than this is the mission and meaning.

He also pointed out from the perspective of brain science that entertainment can produce happy dopamine, and when people work hard for values and pursue a meaningful life, they will secrete serotonin. This sense of accomplishment continues to promote human society. Progress. Li Shufu also encourages young people to use their dreams as their driving force and continue to struggle. When encountering difficulties, stick to your belief and believe that tomorrow will be better. Although society is turbulent, don't give up your dreams.

Regarding the future development of young people, Zhang Chaoyang suggested that opportunities can be found on the Internet. The Internet provides young people with broad space and infinite possibilities. It is an important platform for realizing personal and social values. Young people are the ones who understand the Internet best. He also emphasized that young people should manage their cash flow well and not be in debt or lose money. "Life has just begun. If you are in debt, it will be difficult to continue in your life."

pokerqueen| Zhang Chaoyang talks with Li Shufu: Learning is a kind of education with a good sense of mission should maintain students 'curiosity and excitement

What should I do if I always delay things? Zhang Chaoyang believes that by establishing excitement in psychology, first rehearsing tasks in my mind, and stimulating brain activity through constant thinking and answering questions, we can increase enthusiasm for performing tasks. He advocates that you don't need to pursue perfection too much in doing things. You can follow the 82 principle, that is, you can complete one thing within one hour to reach 80% completion, and then move on to the next task to prevent procrastination and self-blame caused by excessive requirements.

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