crashtagteamracingswitch| Electromagnetic shielding is on fire! Leading companies have had two consecutive 20CM daily limits, benefiting listed companies from sorting out

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Financial Associated Press, May 25 (Editor Square) following the high-speed copper connection, glass substrate, Nvidia also brought the concept of electromagnetic shielding. Concept stocks showed a strong performance on Friday, with domestic vertical electromagnetic shielding material supplier Longyang Electronics closing trading with two consecutive 20CM trading limits.CrashtagteamracingswitchWanfang Development, whose subsidiary products play the role of electromagnetic shielding to the integrated circuits and modules of high-power microwave electronic devices, closed with two consecutive plates; the shares of Walter, which has achieved a stable supply of electromagnetic shielding EMI materials, also closed with two consecutive plates; the shares of the company, which developed a variety of products such as electromagnetic shielding materials, rose more than 17%; and the general business items, including electromagnetic shielding materials, rose more than 16%.

According to incomplete statistics of the Financial Associated Press, 16 listed companies, including Gongda Electronics, Zhengye Technology, Zhongshi Science and Technology, Alide, Wanshun New Materials, Baoming Technology, Debang Technology, Xinrifu, Xinchuangda, Huichuangda, Aerospace Intelligence, Wanlang Magneto, Yue'an New Materials, Sirui New Materials, Keliyuan and Costa, recently replied to the layout of electromagnetic shielding-related business on the interactive platform.

Nvidia GB200 ignites the market's enthusiastic expectation that the copper high-speed connection will lead the AI server. Compared with optical communication, copper high-speed connection has the advantages of low cost, low power consumption, easy wiring and maintenance, but the disadvantage is that it is easily affected by electromagnetic interference (EMI). China Post Securities believes that the demand for Nvidia GB200 is higher than expected, and the core incremental copper high-speed interconnection AIPC faces electromagnetic interference. The pull of electromagnetic shielding materials by AI servers will bring huge increments, which is the core expectation difference caused by the interconnection of GB200 track and copper.

Ma Tianyi, an analyst at Soochow Securities, reported on January 16 that the 5G signal is weaker and the number of single-device components increases the demand for electromagnetic shielding materials. With the continuous development of 5G, the demand for electromagnetic shielding materials continues to expand. According to BCC Research, the global market for electromagnetic shielding materials will reach 92% in 2023.Crashtagteamracingswitch0.5 billion US dollars, an increase of 3% over the same period last year.

According to Soochow Securities, there are many participants in the field of electromagnetic shielding, and the market pattern is relatively scattered. Foreign leading companies mainly include Laird (American Laird Electronic Materials Group), Chomerics (American Gumei) and so on. The main domestic enterprises are Kunshan Longyang Electronics, Shenzhen Fei Rongda, Beijing Zhongshi Science and Technology, Shenzhen Hongfucheng, Shenzhen Boen Industry, Suzhou Anjie Technology, Shenzhen Changying Precision, China Electric 33, Fangbang shares and other companies. With the continuous introduction of strategic planning in the field of new materials in China, some domestic electromagnetic shielding material manufacturers with large scale and strong strength continue to improve their technology, and have achieved the convergence of some production technology and product quality with the international advanced level.

Electromagnetic shielding material refers to the functional material which can shield the electromagnetic wave. Its principle is to block or attenuate the electromagnetic wave through the reflection and absorption of the electromagnetic wave. At present, the widely used electromagnetic shielding devices are conductive plastic devices, conductive silica gel, metal shielding devices, conductive cloth gaskets, wave-absorbing devices and so on.

crashtagteamracingswitch| Electromagnetic shielding is on fire! Leading companies have had two consecutive 20CM daily limits, benefiting listed companies from sorting out

In terms of industrial chain, electromagnetic shielding materials belong to the application field of new materials. The upstream of the industrial chain is the supplier of basic raw materials, and the middle reaches is the manufacturer of electromagnetic shielding materials and devices. Downstream is widely used in communication equipment, computers, mobile phone terminals, automotive electronics, household appliances, national defense and other terminal applications.

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