arcadewarehouse| Sony China recalls 2320 high-resolution music players

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IT Home May 27 NewsarcadewarehouseOn May 24, Sony (China) Co., Ltd. reported the recall plan to the Beijing City Market Supervision and Administration Bureau in accordance with the requirements of the Interim Provisions on the Management of Consumer Goods Recall, and voluntarily recalled Sony (Sony) brand high-resolution music players (models: NW-WM1AM2, NW-WM1ZM2) produced from September 8, 2023 to April 16, 2024, involving a total of 2320 units.

arcadewarehouse| Sony China recalls 2320 high-resolution music players

For the high-resolution music players within the scope of this recall, if the volume is turned on, if the volume is adjusted to the maximum, it will not comply with GB4943.arcadewarehouseThe.1-2022 standard requires that if you maintain the highest volume for a long time, hearing may be affected in extreme circumstances.

Sony (China) Co., Ltd. will carry out defective product recalls in the form of free software upgrades for consumers through Sony's designated repair stations to eliminate potential safety hazards. IT Home learned from the recall announcement that users should avoid turning the volume to maximum use while turning on "high-gain output" before receiving a product recall.

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