freerealmoneycasinonodeposit| Hot varieties are basically making up for their losses! What's going on?

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The market volume last Friday was 763.9 billion, 83.8 billion less than the previous day. The market rose 1276, fell 3643, the actual limit of 37, the actual limit of 9, a sharp pullback of 14. Fell in a row last Thursday and FridayFreerealmoneycasinonodepositAfter two days, we killed all the recent hot spots one by one, and maybe many people returned all the profits they had accumulated in the early days, and it was very quiet on weekends, and the major stock groups talked about the game much more than they discussed stocks. Just after talking about quantification last Thursday, Friday quantification is basically realized, and it is the kind of press regardless of cost, especially those varieties that were robbed at the end of Thursday are all directly in deep water, and the early 20cm trend quantification is also gradually realized in the high stagflation, but quantification will not be news, but will find a new expected direction while cashing in.

On the index, with the continuous adjustment of Hong Kong stocks to the previous platform, the Shanghai Stock Exchange has also continuously fallen back to the bottom of the new box, and the gem has also returned to the vicinity of the half-yearly line again, and it is still very obvious for A-shares to follow Hong Kong stocks. Therefore, the performance of Hong Kong stocks next week also affects the repair strength of A-shares, and the RMB is also depreciating continuously. Emotionally, after more than a week of chaos, the market could not help but began to make up for the decline last Friday, and the core varieties of various hot plates were making up. Such as Vanke A, Industrial USI (601138), Wanfeng Aowei (002085), Wall Nuclear Materials (002130) and so on, that is, the market has turned from chaos to ebb, but this ebb will not be as severe as the continuous board, but it will only cause the market to lose its vitality in the short term. Market volatility will begin to decline until new stimuli and directions emerge.

The main news at the weekend is as follows: 1Freerealmoneycasinonodeposit. Li Yunze, director of the General Administration of Financial Supervision, went to Guizhou for research and discussed and exchanged views on the implementation of the urban real estate financing coordination mechanism and financial support to resolve local debts. twoFreerealmoneycasinonodeposit. The National standing Committee should actively cultivate cross-border e-commerce operators and strengthen the construction of relevant infrastructure and logistics systems. 3. Real estate related: Hubei Shayang supports City Investment Group to buy back stock commercial housing and second-hand housing.FreerealmoneycasinonodepositZhuhai has completely abolished the restrictions on purchase and sale. 4. The CSRC approved the registration of red jujube and glass options in Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange. 5. Related to the reduction: the CSRC has issued the interim measures for the Administration of the reduction of shares held by shareholders of listed companies, and the rules for the Management of shares held by Directors, Supervisors and Senior managers of listed companies and their changes, major shareholders shall not reduce their holdings under major illegal circumstances.

freerealmoneycasinonodeposit| Hot varieties are basically making up for their losses! What's going on?

To sum up, the recent hot varieties are basically making up for the decline. Zhengdan, which is relatively strong on Friday, represents two things, one is going to sea, the other is independent chips, and the overall decline of the theme is corresponding to the repair of adjusted horizontal chips. At the same time, the depreciation of the RMB may have to take a fresh look at the identification chips and high-quality logic of the direction of going out to sea in the following week. Plate 5 line: market core plate: 1, power line (electric power, smart grid): Chendian International (600969), electricity production and financing, Guangxi Energy, Hunan Development (000722) and so on. 2. Computer communication lines (high-speed connection, electromagnetic shielding, Huawei computer): Walter shares (002886), Wanfang Development (000638), Yihua shares (002897), etc. 3. Aquaculture: Zhenghong Science and Technology (000702), Boen Group, McCall (002719), Western Animal Husbandry (300106), etc. Tomorrow's show: to be updated.

Key words quantification, going out to sea, independent chips all fell in two days! Hexun self-selected Stock Writer risk Tip: the above content is only the views of the author or guest, does not represent any position of Hexun, and does not constitute any investment advice related to Hexun. Before making any investment decision, investors should consider the risk factors related to investment products according to their own circumstances and consult professional investment advisers if necessary. Hexun tries its best but cannot confirm the authenticity, accuracy and originality of the above content, and Hexun does not make any guarantee or commitment.
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