creatingablockchaingame| Sprint the graduation season and various parties work together to expand employment growth

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"do it in advance.CreatingablockchaingameI have done a lot of homework, selected several professional counterparts and submitted resumes in line with expectations, and have received interview notices from two companies. This year, there are many positions recruited for our major, and we look forward to finding a smooth job in Beijing. " Xiao Ke, a graduate of the class of 2024 from a university in Beijing, told Securities Daily.

Recently, there are many college graduates of the class of 2024 who are as busy as Xiao Ke in the recruitment market. Earlier, the 2024 National Video Conference on Employment and Entrepreneurship of College graduates held by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security revealed that the number of college graduates of the class of 2024 is expected to be 11.79 million, an increase of 210000 over the same period last year.

Multi-stage linkage precise expansion of hills

Employment is the most basic livelihood and the ballast stone of social stability. Recently, governments at all levels and various departments in China have issued intensive targeted measures to continuously tap the potential to broaden the employment channels of college graduates and help graduates achieve coordinated employment efforts as soon as possible.

According to the official website of the Ministry of Education on May 23, the Ministry of Education will launch a series of activities of the "2024 College graduates Employment Promotion week" from May 27 to 31. By guiding colleges and universities all over the country to carry out policy propaganda, enterprise visits, campus recruitment, docking of supply and demand, key assistance, recruitment publicity and other thematic activities, to help a group of graduates who are willing to find employment but have not yet fulfilled their employment direction to achieve employment. Make more efforts to accelerate the employment of college graduates. On May 24, the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Sichuan Province issued the Circular on doing a good job in recruiting college graduates and increasing capital in state-owned enterprises, encouraging and supporting state-owned enterprises to expand the recruitment of college graduates in 2024. Prior to this, a series of activities of the 2024 Hangzhou College graduates and Youth Employment Promotion Conference were held smoothly, and "promoting Youth Employment" was the key theme of the conference.

creatingablockchaingame| Sprint the graduation season and various parties work together to expand employment growth

"the employment problem of graduates involves thousands of households. Governments at all levels and departments have put forward practical measures to help promote employment and form a linkage trend, which will help to continuously strengthen the interconnection, sharing and accurate delivery of jobs, and ease the employment pressure on graduates of the class of 2024." Yang Guoqing, a researcher at the Shanghai Talent theoretical Research Base, told the Securities Daily that with the advent of the graduation season, the measures of relevant departments, the guidance and matchmaking of colleges and universities, the positions of employers, and the hard work of graduates are indispensable.

At present, domestic colleges and universities are making great efforts to promote the employment of graduates. As of May 26, a total of 2524 colleges and universities across the country had launched a campaign to visit enterprises and expand posts, creating nearly 3.76 million new jobs, CCTV News reported.

Employers and recruitment platforms are also taking active action. Bao Chunhua, co-founder of Lago recruitment and CMO, told the Securities Daily that Latch recruitment responded positively to the call of the Ministry of Education, gave full play to the advantages of the platform, and joined with a number of enterprises to launch the "special event for the employment of college graduates of the class of 2024" to speed up the process of promoting the employment of college graduates of the class of 2024. Up to now, this activity has been participated by nearly 100 well-known enterprises at home and abroad.

At the same time, the job-hunting choices of graduates reflect the keen insight of contemporary young people on industrial progress and scientific and technological development. Dai Kebin, chairman and CEO of Tongdao recruitment Group, told Securities Daily: "according to a recent survey of college graduates of the class of 2024, the top four priority industries are IT/ Internet / games, education, training / scientific research, advertising / media / culture / sports, electronics / communications / semiconductors. The scientific and technological progress under the development of digitalization and information technology has had a far-reaching impact on the career choices of graduates. "

Stable basic disk expansion increment

Every year, fresh graduates of colleges and universities are the key groups in promoting employment in our country. Several interviewed experts told reporters that the main factors affecting the employment of college graduates are the level of economic development, the quality of higher education, the matching degree of specialty setting and market demand, and so on.

"among them, the level of economic development plays a more important role." Liu Chunsheng, an associate professor at the Central University of Finance and Economics, said in an interview with the Securities Daily that judging from the current economic growth rate, China has the hard strength to stabilize the "basic market" of college graduates' employment.

How to continue to expand the scale of increment on the basis of stabilizing the basic market of employment and the stock of posts?Creatingablockchaingame?

Wang Zhangming, executive director of the Anhui Labor Society, told the Securities Daily that the smooth promotion of high-quality and full employment of fresh graduates has two dimensions: a short-term perspective and a long-term perspective. "the focus of the short-term work of expanding and stabilizing posts is to give full play to the role of the state-owned economy as the main channel for employment, develop more jobs, support the development of the private economy, and encourage private enterprises to absorb more employees. At the same time, give full play to the role of human resources service institutions in guiding and promoting employment. In the long run, it is necessary to integrate the employment of college graduates into the issue of youth employment in our country, coordinate the employment policy in the long term, strive for economic growth, and let high-quality development drive high-quality employment. In addition, optimizing the innovation and entrepreneurship mechanism and guiding young people to look for opportunities in innovation and entrepreneurship will also be a long-term focus of work in the future. " Wang Zhangming said.

Yang Guoqing believes that in the long run, in order to open up a new space for youth employment, we must first break the old concept and balance the relationship between different occupations in terms of social status and income level. "360 lines, the line comes out of the top spot." Every occupation and every post contributes to the economic and social development of our country, and there is no distinction between high and low in essence. People from all walks of life should strive to promote the continuous improvement of the domestic social environment and broaden the channels of youth employment ideologically.

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