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coinmasterfreespinhaktuts| Today's scrap steel market

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May 26thCoinmasterfreespinhaktutsAs of press time, 20 steel mills have lowered their scrap purchase prices and 6 have raised their scrap prices.

East China region

May 26th [Jiangsu Lianyungang Yaxin] scrap purchase price reduced by 10, adjusted: first, steel plate, die steel 2760; second, 12mm high quality heavy waste A 2710; third, 6mm heavy waste B 2660; fourth, 4mm waste new materials 2540-2580. Rejected below 3mm, specification: 50: 50. Unit: yuan / ton, excluding tax.

May 26th [Anhui Lu'an Iron and Steel] scrap reduced by 30-50: steel bar pelleting 3050, Chongdou 2950-3050, oil Chong 2980, superior weight 3040, heavy waste 2910-3010, furnace charge 2930, shearing material 2610, gear bearing steel 2960-3040, steel plate 28502990, steel bar 2980,2830,2890,26102690, including tax.

May 26th [Huainan Hongtai, Anhui] scrap price reduced by 20: steel bar pelleting 2750, excellent weight 2630, heavy waste 2580, medium waste 2490-2530, cold and hot pressing block 2530, pig iron coke steel 2570, small scrap 2350, shavings 2220-2320, Chong 2570, excluding tax.

On May 26th [Anhui Changjiang Iron and Steel] scrap was lowered by 20: excellent weight 3100, heavy scrap 3050, steel bar pelleting and punching 3100, stamping material 3020, stamping material 12990, industrial pressing block 2940, concentrate 3000, medium waste 2970, machine 2970, shearing material 2870, shearing small waste type 1 2650, shearing small waste type 2 2570, first-grade crushing material 2730 (including tax), ship-breaking scrap reduced by 20%.

North China region

On May 26, the price of scrap was reduced by 10 yuan. Price reference: high quality A ≥ 15mm2880, high quality B ≥ 12mm2850, high quality C ≥ 10mm2820, heavy A ≥ 8mm2790, heavy B ≥ 6mm2750, heavy C ≥ 4mm2690, heavy D ≥ 3mm2630, cold plate small material 2-4 thick 2790, cold plate small material 1-2 thick 2750, thick more than horseshoe 2790, super broken material ≥ 2mm2790, steel bar pelleting 2880, die steel 2880, excluding tax.

May 26th [Tangshan Yanshan Iron and Steel Co., Hebei Province] scrap price increased by 10%, heavy duty-2890; high quality 2870 heavy duty 22870, heavy weight A2850 medium A2810 medium B2710 high quality cast iron 2730 ordinary cast iron 2530 large pieces shear 2830; furnace charge-2695, furnace charge 22675, furnace charge 32595, furnace charge 42095, excluding tax.

May 26th [Qinhuangdao Longan] price reduction of 10 yuan for all material types: rail, round steel head, billet head, die steel, train wheels, thick corners, flange 2820, heavy scrap 2760-2800, tower crane iron 2620, horseshoe 2720-2770, 20 thick I-beam 2790, pure I-beam 15 thick 2740-2780, 10 I-beam thick 2670, short-foot channel steel 2740-2760, screw 2770-2780 excluding tax.

May 26th [Hebei Jinruilong Metal] scrap purchase price was partially reduced by 10-20: steel bar mass 2790, general sales 2530-2600, steel shavings 2600-2630, steel bar slicing 2870, steel bar pressing block 2790, flower iron pressing block 2810.

May 26th [Hebei Jinxi International Trade] the whole material type is reduced by 20%, and the "heavy waste class" 2870-2930; "steel plate grade 1" 2880-2940, the quotation does not include tax.

May 26th [Shanxi Changxin Iron and Steel] scrap purchase price reduced by 20, the executive price: cooked wool 2500m2630, track wool 2630m2680, shearing 2560, steel bar 2620m2670, aggregate 2650, mixture 2700, first grade 2730, quasi-first grade 2750, heavy waste 2770, high quality 2810, excluding tax.

May 26th [Shanxi Changzhi Jinye] scrap price reduced by 20: 2810 for Class I steel plate, 2790 for Class II steel plate, 2810 for Class I steel bar particles, 2800 for steel bar section, 2790 for Class II steel bar particles, A2780 for quality, B2720 for quality, A2730 for heavy scrap, B2710 for heavy scrap, 2710 for first class steel bar, 2690 for middle scrap, 2660 for medium scrap, 2500 for general scrap, 2450 for general scrap, 2610,2610 for mechanical pig iron, 2600 for first grade scrap, 1920,2160 for first grade shearing. The second grade cutting material is 2110, excluding tax.

May 26th [Inner Mongolia Chifeng Construction Branch Industry] scrap purchase price reduced by 20%, now implemented: Huikou machine iron 2790-2870 radiator polishing broken material 2790-2870 soy qualified material 3000 shearing qualified material 2870-2980 scrap new steel sheet 2800 edge wire pressing block non-galvanized 2770-2870 steel bar head 27802880 excluding tax.

Central China

May 26th [Hubei Jiayu Shunle] the latest price of scrap is reduced by 20: punch and punch 2670, machine iron 2620, galvanized punch / punch 2620, heavy waste 22620, medium waste 2570, cutting 2540 excluding tax.

May 26th [Hubei Zhongxingtuo (Jiayu Jinshenglan)] scrap down 20: steel bar granulation 2720 new silicon steel sheet, new silicon steel sheet 2630 pure steel head 2660, uniform scrap 2720, train accessories, train wheels, track steel. (within 1 meter) 2720, forging, horseshoe, red punching 2720 fine scrap 2720, pickling plate 2670 Pure automotive white iron, steam stamping parts (galvanized) 2670 new steel sheet pressing, steel bar pressing 2670 cold rolling, hot rolling pressing, new material edge wire 2670 pure automobile white iron (08 aluminum) 2670 heavy waste.

May 26 [Anyang Yaxin, Henan] scrap purchase price will be reduced by 10-20, excluding tax.

On May 26th [Henan Anyang Yongxing Special Steel Co., Ltd.] scrap purchase price was uniformly raised by 30%, including tax.

May 26th [Minyuan Iron and Steel] scrap purchase price reduced by 30: factory scrap 2630-2750, factory compaction 2630, silicon steel sheet 2630, super material 2750, horseshoe 2650, concentrate scrap 2580, heavy scrap 8 thick 2730, heavy scrap 6 thick 2680, heavy scrap 4 thick 2630, unified scrap 2430,2530,2680,2750, steel bar head 2630,2730,2580,2580, raw raw material 2330, broken material 26002630, excluding tax.

South China

May 26 [Yangchun, Guangdong] scrap prices of various varieties were reduced by 10 yuan per ton.

On May 26th, [Yuefeng, Zhuhai, Guangdong] was lowered by 20: steel bar slicing 3050, steel bar pressing block 3000, concentrate scrap steel 3000, industrial heavy scrap 2940, ship breaking scrap 2940pm 13% including tax to factory price.

On May 26th [Guangxi Liugang Co., Ltd.] the prices of briquette 4, 1, 1 color and briquette raw materials were increased by 30 yuan per ton, while the prices of other scrap materials remained unchanged. The strike price is as follows: counterweight 1 2990, counterweight 2 2990, punching 2 3060, punching 4 3030, punching 5 2960, rebar pressing 3040, pressing 4 2900, pressing 1 2670, pressing 1 color 2540, raw material 2600, shearing 8 2980,2960,2850,2490,2150,1880,2380,2330,230,2200 respectively. Hot melt pressed cake 2230, light material class 1 1570, light material class 2 class 710, light material class 3 class 1570.

On May 26,[Guangxi Guanggang Group] The prices of compacts 4, compacts 1, and compacts 1 color categories were increased by 30%, and the prices of scrap steel of other material types remained unchanged. The execution price is as follows: 3000 for type 1 of counterweight, 3000 for type 2 of counterweight, 3060 for type 2 of punching sheet, 3030 for type 4 of punching sheet, 2940 for type 5 of punching sheet, 3040 for steel bar, 2890 for type 4 of pressing sheet, 2620 for type 1 of pressing sheet, 2490 for type 1 of color, 2980 for type 8 of shearing sheet, 2960 for type 6 of shearing sheet, 2840 for type 4 of shearing sheet, 2530 for type 2 of processing sheet, 2160 for type 1 of processing sheet, 1900 for processing sheet 2 of large sheet, 2230 for hot melt pressing sheet, Light and light materials Category 1 1540, Light and light materials Category 2 710, Light and light materials Category 3 600. Price including tax.

On May 26,[Yongda, Wuzhou, Guangxi] was lowered by 20:2600 for hot and cold plate fragments, 2560 for industrial pure fragments, 2620 for steel bars, 2620 for automobile compacts, 2600 for primary pure compacts, 2520 for secondary compacts, 2220 for tertiary compacts, 2610 for high-carbon steel, 2590 for scrap, 2550 for primary cutting, 2500 for secondary cutting, and 2260 for tertiary cutting, excluding tax.

On May 26,[Guigang, Guangxi] The purchase price of scrap steel was partially increased by 30:2730 yuan/ton for cast iron, cast steel, and mechanical parts, 2700 yuan/ton for heavy scrap steel, 2560 yuan/ton for primary shear, and 2500 yuan/ton for secondary shear materials, 1900 yuan/ton for light and thin materials, 2450 yuan/ton for crushed materials, 2450 yuan/ton for random steel bars in the whole vehicle, 2700 yuan/ton for pure steel bars, and 2760 yuan/ton for steel bars, excluding tax.

northwestern region

On May 26,[Lanxin Phase I, Lanzhou, Gansu] The purchase price of scrap steel was lowered by 20:2460 for heavy waste 6 thick, 2,420 - 2460 for first-grade materials above 4 - 6 thick, 2,300 - 2360 for second-grade materials above 2 - 3 thick, 2,240 - 2,300 for third-grade materials above 1 - 2 thick, 2480 for rebar briquettes and rebar heads, 2440 for pig iron, and 2360 for large formwork wool, excluding tax.

On May 26,[Lanzhou Lanxin Phase II, Gansu] The price of scrap steel was lowered by 20%. The execution price was: 2580 for cut end of steel bars, 2580 for special grade materials, 2550 for heavy waste 14 thick, 2520 for 10 thick, 2490 for 8 thick, 2460 for 6 thick, 2420 for 4 thick parts, 2440 for pig iron parts, 2520 for front and rear bridges, and the collection of pure steel bars was suspended, excluding tax.

On May 26,[Xinjiang Kunyu Iron and Steel] Steel scrap was increased by 30 yuan/ton, and tax-inclusive cash exchange was implemented at 2520 yuan/ton.

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