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News of Securities Star On May 25th, 2024, Maxin Technology (301577) issued an announcement that Shanxi Securities, CITIC Construction Investment Securities, Jianghai Securities, Yin Sheng assets, Tianxin Capital, Minxi Fund, Guangdong Hongshang Asset Management Co., Ltd., Dongguan Hongshang Capital Investment Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Shouze Investment Co., Ltd., Guangdong Boyuan Fund Management Co., Ltd., Mach Wealth Capital, Shenzhen Chenghechang Private Equity Fund Co., Ltd., Great Wall Securities Co., Ltd., Zhongtian Guofu Securities, Hainan Zhiniu Private Equity Fund Management Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Red Cat assets, Northeast Securities, Haitong Securities, Huatai Securities, Huatai United, Guangzhou Lingxin Investment Consulting Co., Ltd., Dongguan Fumin Private Equity Fund Management Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Chengnuo Asset Management Co., Ltd., Qianhai Jinjian Asset Management Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Gentai Investment Management Co., Ltd., Beijing Dingsa Investment Co., Ltd., AVIC Trust, Zhongshan Securities, Huaxin Securities, Debang Securities, Zhongcai, Shenzhen Qianhai Ruby Private Equity Fund Management Co., Ltd. conducted a survey on May 24, 2024.CasinomoonsnodepositbonusOur company.

The details are as follows: Ms. Wang Lijuan, the secretary of the company's board of directors, introduced the basic situation, the latest business progress and the future development direction of the company to the investors, and communicated with investors on the relevant situation of the company.Casinomoonsnodepositbonus.

The main contents of the exchange are as follows:

Q: could you tell me something about the company's main business and the industry the company is in?

A: the company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, R & D, production and sales of magnetic components, the main products include network transformers, chip inductors, power magnetic components and other products, the application fields are network communications, new energy vehicles, industrial power supplies, security equipment, consumer electronics and so on. Magnetic components are electronic components that realize the conversion between electric energy and magnetic energy. they belong to an important branch of the electronic components industry and are important basic components to ensure the stable work of electrical and electronic equipment. it is a high-tech industry and strategic emerging industry supported by the state.

Q: what are the main customers of the company?

casinomoonsnodepositbonus| Meixin Technology: Shanxi Securities, CITIC Construction Investment Securities and other institutions investigated our company on May 24

A: customers in the field of communications such as ZTE, Xiaomi, Skyworth, Zhibang Technology and Gongjin; customers in the field of automotive electronics such as Weimax, BYD and Geely Weirui; customers of mining machines, Bitmainland; and leading enterprises in the field of intelligent security.

Q: what is the core competitiveness of the company?

A: the company has long focused on the field of magnetic components, always regards technology and product innovation as the driving force for development, attaches importance to technology reserve, technology and product innovation, and through continuous research and attempt, continuous improvement and innovation in the long-term production process, summarize and refine a large number of application case information feedback, with strong design, R & D and technical advantages. More than 90 patented technologies owned by the company have formed independent intellectual property rights for the key technologies of the products, which protects the technological advantages of their own products and takes the lead in the competition. With the goal of improving production efficiency and improving the stability and reliability of product quality, the company is committed to reducing the manpower dependence of the production process of magnetic components through investment in automation equipment, constantly improving the automation level of the production process, and improving production efficiency. Improve the stability and reliability of product quality to make products more competitive in the market. The company has also accumulated a large number of high-quality customer resources, on the one hand, the company has always focused on the head customer resources, and has established stable business relations with many well-known customers.

Q: what is the development of the company's power magnetic components business?

A: the company's power magnetic components mainly include flat plate transformers, POE transformers, drive transformers, flat plate inductors, wound common mode inductors, etc., from vehicle applications to communication power supplies / industrial power supplies and other applications. In 2023, the company added customers such as Puri Junsheng, Xinnengda, Aotejia and so on.

Q: how can integrated inductors be introduced into the market? What is the future development of integrated inductors?

A: with regard to the integrated inductor, we use the latest process structure production, and set up a special team to take charge of this project. Mainly for the middle and high-end market, with strong, closed magnetic circuit, good magnetic shielding and EMI performance, low loss, low impedance and other characteristics, mainly used in power conversion module, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, I computing module and other fields, compared with the basic chip inductor application field is wider, higher precision. The production line was set up in April this year, and it is still in a stage of equipment debugging. Mass production will begin in May. It will first be imported from the current cooperative customers, first cut into the security and communications market, and then gradually enter the more high-end application market.

At present, the main market share of integrated inductors is still occupied by American, Taiwan and other manufacturers. with the continuous technological breakthroughs and absolute cost-effective advantages of domestic manufacturers, domestic manufacturers will usher in a very good opportunity for domestic substitution. it will also be one of the main growth points of American Credit's future performance.

Mei Xin Technology (301577) main business: magnetic components design, research and development, production and sales.

According to the first quarterly report of Meixin Technology in 2024, the company's main income was 106 million yuan, up 7.37% from the same period last year; the net profit from its parent was 6.7064 million yuan, down 23.66% from the same period last year; deducting 6.2898 million yuan from non-net profit, down 25.19% from the same period last year; debt ratio 30.45%, investment income 500700 yuan, financial expenses-679200 yuan, gross profit margin 21.14%.

The stock has no agency rating in the last 90 days.

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