redsnapperfish| Cost 320 million US dollars! The U.S. military floating dock was damaged and opened for less than 10 days! Response: The storm was too strong and the ship ran aground

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According to CCTV News on the 26th, the United States Central Command said on May 25 that the United States was building near the Gaza Strip.RedsnapperfishStrong wind and waves occurred in the sea area where the temporary floating pier was located, and four US military vessels supporting the pier were separated from the mooring zone, two of which ran aground off the coast near Ashkelon, Israel.

According to US media reports, the United States has spent 3% of its money.RedsnapperfishThe wharf was built for US $0.2 billion. The wharf will open on the 17th of this month.

redsnapperfish| Cost 320 million US dollars! The U.S. military floating dock was damaged and opened for less than 10 days! Response: The storm was too strong and the ship ran aground

According to Israeli media reports, a week after the opening of the terminal, the equivalent of 71 trucks of aid arrived in the Gaza Strip through the terminal, accounting for 15% of the minimum daily needs of people in the Gaza Strip. Aid agencies and the United Nations stressed that the role of the terminal is a drop in the bucket, and the fundamental solution should be land transport.

According to Agence France-Presse reported on May 25, according to Agence France-Presse, the US Central Command said that four ships used by the US military to aid the temporary wharf in Gaza ran aground on the morning of the 25th because of "too much wind and waves at sea". Reported that the Central Command said in the announcement: "the ship anchored, there are two ships parked near the beach." Two other ships broke down in the waters near Ashkelon, Israel. "

No one was injured and "the ships are running well," the notice said. In addition, the Israeli army has helped American ships out of trouble, and "no Americans (officers and soldiers) will enter Gaza."

The United States completed the construction of the temporary wharf last week, and President Joe Biden announced the plan in March. The move is aimed at circumventing Israel's restrictions on land humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.

Recently, a makeshift pier built by the United States on the coast of the Gaza Strip, which took two months and reportedly cost 300 million US dollars, was finally completed and began to transport aid to the Gaza Strip, CCTV News reported. However, the people of Gaza are not convinced.

They believe that whether it is the land port connecting Gaza or the well-conditioned port of Gaza, humanitarian assistance could have been completed, but it has been suspended because of Israeli military operations. The United States spends a lot of money, not really to help the people of Gaza, but for the convenience of Israel.

According to US estimates, the initial capacity of the floating terminal is expected to be 90 tons of materials per day, followed by 150 tons. The government's territorial activities coordination office under the Israeli Ministry of Defense said on the 19th that about 160000 litres of fuel and hundreds of pallets of humanitarian aid were transported to the Gaza Strip through the terminal last week.

In response, the United Nations and relevant aid agencies said that the delivery of humanitarian aid through floating docks is cumbersome and far from meeting the needs of the Gaza Strip, and its role is only a drop in the bucket. Farhan Huck, deputy spokesman for the UN Secretary-General, previously stressed that this is by no means the most feasible and effective way. Another international charitable aid organization said that while the United States took great pains to build the wharf, hundreds of trucks were waiting on the Egyptian side of the Rafah crossing, loaded with food and medical supplies, but could not enter because of Israeli reasons.

Local people also believe that the United States built the wharf in the name of "assistance to Gaza" to support Israel.

People of Gaza City: when the United States announced its intention to build a wharf, it declared that its purpose was to provide supplies to the Gaza Strip, but if we look at the actual situation, we can see that the land port can fully allow trucks carrying large quantities of goods to pass through. If the land port is fully operational, it can meet the needs of the people.

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