wackyracescrashanddash| The progress of 6G R & D has attracted attention, and nearly 200 institutions have conducted rapid research!

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This week (May 20-24) A shares fell generally, while the Shanghai Composite Index fell 2% throughout the week.Wackyracescrashanddash.07% to close at 3088.87 points. The Shenzhen Composite Index and the gem Index fell 2.93% and 2.49% respectively throughout the week.

On the market, the industry (in case) index fell more than rose less. Among them, only public utilities, coal, banking and agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishing achieved positive earnings, while the rest fell throughout the week, with light industry manufacturing and real estate leading the decline. In the concept sector, the chicken industry, hydropower, pig industry and coal are active.

The popularity of institutional research continues unabated this week. According to Wind, as of 16:00 on May 24th, there were 253 receptionists of listed companies and disclosed research records during the week.

During the week, the stock profit effect of the institutional research company was divided, and its China Nengxin and Guoxin Health achieved the first board of the week on May 24. The daily limit of electric power stock and the new health of medical stock both reached the daily limit. The share prices of Shengyi Technology, Jiangsu Shantong and other companies reached a new high in nearly 5 days this week. However, there are still 188 stocks surveyed with negative returns during the week.

In terms of hot research stocks, the phenomenon of mass research by institutions decreased significantly during the week, with only two companies, Shengyi Science and Technology and China Railway Emergency, that accepted more than 100 institutions. The two companies were surveyed by 191 and 182 institutions respectively during the week.

Shengyi Technology mainly designs, produces and sells copper clad laminates, bonding sheets and printed circuit boards, covering single-sided and double-sided circuit boards and high multi-layer circuit boards. From the perspective of downstream terminals, these products are widely used in high computing power, AI servers, 5G antennas, new generation communication base stations, mainframe computers, high-end servers, aerospace industry and so on. Up to now, the latest total market capitalization of Shengyi Technology is 46.8 billion yuan.

In the process of research, the organization focuses on the certification of Shengyi Technology in the Datong market and AI field, as well as the company's technology reserve or research and development of 6G.

According to Shengyi Technology, at present, the company's ultra-low loss materials have been certified by a number of North American and domestic terminal customers. Looking forward to the server market demand in the next five years, it is estimated that global server shipments in 2024 will be about 13.654 million units, an increase of about 2.05%, of which AI server shipments account for 12.1%.

In terms of 6G, Shengyi Technology said that 6G communications involves a variety of technologies, and countries and communication terminals are still pre-researching, and the company has been closely following the needs of customers, including the research and development of very low transmission rate products. the performance design and development of RF products, as well as years of cooperation and development with the upstream and downstream industry chain, proficiency in the mastery and application of all kinds of independent innovation technology.

China Railway Emergency is also a hot stock in institutional research this week, with Jinglin assets, Gao Yi assets, Huitianfu Fund, ICBC Credit Suisse Fund and many other well-known institutions gathered. The focus of the organization's attention is the impact of the change of the actual controller on the development of the company.

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Plan to enter the owner for 2 billion yuan! Hainan State assets takes a fancy to this cross-border arithmetic stock.

Why do Hainan state-owned assets buy? Plan to invest 2 billion yuan in Huatie emergency, the transferee responded overnight!

According to the announcement issued by China Railway Emergency on May 20, the actual controller of China Railway Emergency plans to be changed to Hainan Provincial SASAC. The announcement shows that Hu Danfeng, the company's controlling shareholder, is planning a share transfer and intends to transfer some of its shares to Hainan Sea Control Industry Investment Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Marine Control Investment"). If the above matters are reached, the controlling shareholder of the company will be changed to sea control production and investment, and the actual controller will be changed to Hainan SASAC.

Huatie emergency is mainly engaged in aerial platform leasing service, building support equipment leasing service and underground maintenance service. Over the past four years, China Railway emergency revenue and net profit, has been showing a positive growth trend. In 2023, Huatie's emergency operating income reached 4.444 billion yuan, an increase of 35.55% over the same period last year. The total revenue of aerial working platforms and construction support equipment products accounted for 99.3% of the company's total revenue.

In response to institutional research questions, Huatie Emergency said that after the company's actual controller has changed, the company's development strategy will not change. In recent years, the company has firmly developed the equipment leasing business, the scale of equipment management has continued to expand, the strategy of digitization and light assets has been steadily advanced, the advantages of online and offline business channels have gradually emerged, and operational efficiency has continued to improve. In this cooperation, Hainan Holdings highly recognizes the company's long-term development strategy, and will coordinate funds, business, credit and other multiple empowerment for China Railway emergency, helping the company to become a global head equipment operator.

According to Huatie Emergency, Hainan Province is actively cultivating new quality productivity such as AI Intelligence training Center. AsWackyracescrashanddashThe policy advantage of Hainan Province, the only free trade port in China, can provide important support for the development of AI intelligent calculation construction. Therefore, the company's emerging business is in line with the national development trend, but also in line with the industrial positioning of Hainan free trade port, the strategic direction of the two sides are highly consistent.

China Railway also responded that Hainan Holdings, the parent company of Hainan Investment Control, is a state-owned enterprise with AAA credit rating in Hainan Province. After Hainan state-owned assets is in charge, the board of directors and the board of supervisors of the company will change, and the general manager will be Hu Danfeng, the former actual controller.

wackyracescrashanddash| The progress of 6G R & D has attracted attention, and nearly 200 institutions have conducted rapid research!

In terms of financing, the company will comprehensively optimize the capital side by combining the AAA credit rating resources of Hainan Holdings and the credit advantages of state-owned enterprises. The existing financing cost of China Railway Emergency is 5% Murray 5.5%. With reference to the financing cost of Hainan Holdings, it is expected to be reduced to about 3% later, which is expected to significantly reduce the financing cost.

After the completion of this transaction, Hainan State assets will comprehensively empower the strategic development of the company from three aspects: capital, business and strategy. Hainan Holdings will continue to focus on the company's strategy and give full play to the institutional and policy advantages of Hainan's free trade port. to help promote the rapid development of the company's main business, smart business and other sectors.

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