mariapoker| Copper prices skyrocket: Experts predict that copper will break sky-high prices, investors 'ultimate wealth code has been revealed!

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Huitong Finance APP--Famous commodity trader Pierre Andurand boldly predicted that copper prices will reach record highs and become a new trend in the precious metals market. In an interview with the Financial Times, he said copper prices were expected to soar to US$40,000 per ton in the next few years, which would be nearly three times the current price.

imbalance between supply and demandmariapoker: Catalyst for rising copper prices

Currently, copper prices are close to record highs, exceeding US$11,000 per ton, reflecting market concerns about the imbalance between supply and demand. As the global electrification process accelerates, demand for copper is growing rapidly in areas including electric vehicles, solar panels, wind farms, military and data centers.

Production challenges: The reality of supply shortages

Copper production is facing challenges, with new and existing projects struggling to meet growing demand. Last year, global copper supply fell to its lowest seasonal level since 2008, leading to a reduction in inventories and further pushing copper prices higher.

Industry response: Strategies for acquisitions and mergers and acquisitions

Andurand pointed out that relying on existing mines is not a long-term solution to supply problems. Takeovers and mergers and acquisitions, such as BHP Billiton's bid for Anglo American, are becoming the preferred way for mining companies to obtain more copper resources.

Experts disagree: Different price forecasts

Commodities expert Jeff Currie also expects copper prices to rise, but his forecast differs from Andurand's. Currie believes copper prices will reach $15,000 in the next few years, making it the "most high-profile deal" he has ever seen.

Long-term outlook: The future direction of copper prices

Andurand expects copper prices to reach US$40,000 a ton within four years, but he also acknowledges that the high prices will not last long. A supply response will take time and may take more than five years.

Mining problems: The long road to new mine development

mariapoker| Copper prices skyrocket: Experts predict that copper will break sky-high prices, investors 'ultimate wealth code has been revealed!

The Financial Times reported that mining new mines takes a long time, usually 15 years. Currie said in an interview with Bloomberg that it will take years for companies to resolve mergers and acquisitions because supply issues are just beginning to emerge.

In this era driven by global electrification and green policies, rising copper prices seem inevitable. Investors and industry observers need to pay close attention to the dynamics of the copper market and seize this rare investment opportunity.

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