vegasoocasino|Chinese car model tops car sales in Israel in H1

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JERUSALEMvegasoocasino, July 2 (Xinhua) -- The electric car model Atto 3, an electric subcompact crossover manufactured by China's BYD Auto, topped car sales in Israel in the first half of 2024, according to data published by the Israel Vehicle Importers Association on Tuesdayvegasoocasino.

From January to June, 7,265 units of the model were sold in Israel, surpassing any gasoline-powered or electric model. The Czech petrol small family car Skoda Octavia was next on the list with 4,159 units sold during the same period.

BYD Auto leads Israel's electric car sales chart, with 10,178 units of the six models offered by the Chinese manufacturer in the country.

Following BYD on the Israeli electric car sales list are the Chinese-owned, Britain-based automaker MG Motor, which sold 5,497 units, American carmaker Tesla, with 3,023 units, and the Chinese automaker Geely Auto Group, which sold 2,682 Geometry C cars.

vegasoocasino|Chinese car model tops car sales in Israel in H1

With 26,803 units sold, Chinese brands represented 68.31 percent of Israel's electric car sales in the year's first half.

Additionally, with 34,601 units sold, Chinese brands led Israel's car sales. South Korea was the second-largest supplier of cars to Israel during this period, with 27,187 units sold, followed by Japan with 23,185.

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