topplaytoearncryptogames|Myanmar launches expo to boost agricultural, livestock sectors

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YANGONtopplaytoearncryptogames, June 28 (Xinhua) -- Myanmar on Friday kicked off an expo for the agriculture and livestock, power and machinery, food and beverage, and hotel, restaurant, and catering sectors in Yangon.

Speaking at the opening event at the Yangon Convention Center, Mya Han, president of the Myanmar Livestock Federation, said that Myanmar is a country that relies on agriculture and livestock. He added that if technologies for these sectors are well-developed, production and quality will be comparable to those of other countries.

Expos like this will help the country acquire technologies and markets for the agriculture and livestock sectors, he said, adding that farmers will gain profits if Myanmar's products gain strong market access.

Fertilizers, medicines, planters, animal feeds, milling machines, related spare parts, livestock feed production machines, solar panels, generators, and locally produced foods and beverages are displayed at the event.

Ko Zarni, the event organizer, said the expo aims to introduce new products to agricultural and livestock farmers and help companies strengthen their market presence by displaying their products at the expo.

topplaytoearncryptogames|Myanmar launches expo to boost agricultural, livestock sectors

Over 90 organizations, including over 60 companies and associations and over 30 small and medium-sized enterprises, participated with over 130 display booths in the expo.

The expo will help strengthen the logistics connections between farmers, suppliers, and others in the supply chain, he added. The three-day event will run until Sunday.

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