scratchm|Box office revenue of "A Place Called Silence" soars in China

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BEIJINGscratchm, July 7 (Xinhua) -- Sam Quah's latest crime thriller, "A Place Called Silence," is experiencing robust box office revenue growth in the Chinese mainland, following the success of his 2019 hit "Sheep Without a Shepherdscratchm."

According to box office tracker Maoyan, the film grossed 111.71 million yuan on Saturday, bringing its cumulative total to 263 million yuan. The drama's total gross revenue is now forecast to reach 1.27 billion yuan.

Since its release on July 3, "A Place Called Silence" has dominated the box office chart, maintaining a significant lead over other titles.

scratchm|Box office revenue of "A Place Called Silence" soars in China

Disney's "Inside Out 2" and domestic drama "Moments We Shared" took the second and third spots, earning approximately 19 million yuan and 14 million yuan, respectively, on Saturday, which respectively marked their 16th and 15th days in theaters.

The June-August summer movie-going period is the longest single screening season on the Chinese mainland. Crime thrillers topped last year's summer box office chart, with "No More Bets" and "Lost in the Stars" each grossing over 3.5 billion yuan, amounting to about 34 percent of the total 2023 summer box office earnings of 20.6 billion yuan.

Quah's "Sheep Without a Shepherd," initially released in December 2019 and re-released in July 2020, grossed a total of 1.33 billion yuan in the Chinese mainland.

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