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DUSHANBEvideopokerking, July 4 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Xi Jinping will arrive here Thursday for a state visit to Tajikistan. Experts and officials in the central Asian country strongly anticipate the efforts of both nations to strengthen bilateral relations on various fronts. They believe the upcoming visit has the potential to bring tangible benefits to the people of both countries.


Since establishing diplomatic relations more than 30 years ago, bilateral cooperation between China and Tajikistan has grown immensely. In 2017, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Tajik President Emomali Rahmon signed a joint statement on establishing a comprehensive strategic partnership during Rahmon's state visit to Beijing.

The Chinese leader last visited Tajikistan in 2019, and the Tajik president traveled to Beijing in 2023 for the China-Central Asia Summit and an official state visit.

Qanoatullo Saifulloev, deputy director of the state-run Khovar News Agency, said he believes the cooperation between China and Tajikistan is growing yearly.

"Our political, economic, social and cultural relations are rising. We are confident that they will continue to develop and serve the benefit of the two peoples," he said.

According to Saifulloev, the strategic partnership between the two countries was established mainly due to the efforts of the two leaders, and the personal friendship of the two leaders has a positive impact on the development of long-term bilateral relations.

He highlighted that China is currently the top investor in Tajikistan's economy, driving economic growth, creating more job opportunities, and promoting social and infrastructure development in the country.

"Chinese companies are actively working in our country, and our young people are learning Chinese," Saifulloev said, adding that the language barrier is slowly being broken down.

Abdurahim Juraev, a professor at the Tajik State University of Law, Business and Politics, said Tajikistan has shown a growing interest in the Chinese language in recent years.

"The Chinese language can now be studied in almost all universities in Tajikistan, including our own," he said, adding that there are already groups within the university where the vast majority of subjects are taught in Chinese.

Juraev also believes that the Chinese modernization experience provides economic and development insights that can benefit Tajikistan.

"I believe that the Chinese experience of modernization is significant ... it is different from the Western modernization, it is unique, and it preserves its own experience and traditions," he said.

And China's scientific achievements, which are widely acknowledged in Tajikistan, have potential applications in Tajikistan, he said, adding that joint events, scientific seminars, and round tables should be held between scientists from the two countries.


In recent years, Tajikistan and China have collaborated on designing and constructing new buildings for Tajikistan's parliament and government and other large infrastructure projects.

"In a short time since the beginning of our cooperation, many infrastructure projects have been put into operation," said Yusuf Akhmatbekzoda, deputy director of the Directorate for Construction of Government Facilities of the Executive Office of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, highlighting the Dushanbe-Chanak highway, the Kulyab-Muminabad highway, as well as many other infrastructure projects that have been jointly built by the two sides.

"These two landmarks really make the city's architectural appearance stand out," he said. "They're one of the city's top attractions."

"These buildings will remain a symbol of the friendship between China and Tajikistan for future generations," he added.

According to Saifulloev, President Xi's visit will "give new impetus to bilateral contacts and bring relations between Tajikistan and China to a new level."

"We, as representatives of the media, along with our colleagues, are committed to actively strengthening our cooperation ... and covering more and more of our contacts, our achievements at the bilateral level," he said.

Akhmatbekzoda called the visit "promising," providing an opportunity for both sides to "discuss comprehensive bilateral relations in the fields of industry, energy, road construction, medicine, education and comprehensive good-neighborly relations."

The official believes that by fostering closer ties with China, Tajikistan can witness greater social and economic development.

Noting that Tajikistan and China have a long and trusting friendship, Juraev said the visit will further deepen the relations between the two countries.

He said Tajikistan can greatly benefit from its participation in the Belt and Road Initiative. "As I understand, the philosophy behind this initiative is to foster mutually beneficial relations between China and other states, ensuring that all countries participating would benefit from this project."

Speaking of the ongoing Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in Kazakhstan's capital Astana, Juraev lauded the organization's role in strengthening global security.

videopokerking|Xi's visit to bolster China-Tajikistan cooperation

The SCO provides an opportunity to collectively discuss regional and global issues, and each member country can make its contribution to these issues such as anti-terrorism and extremism, which are common concerns not only for the region but the whole world, Juraev noted.

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