pika68slot|Xi stresses improving systems for exercising full, rigorous Party governance

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BEIJINGpika68slot, June 28 (Xinhua) -- Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, has stressed improving the systems for exercising full and rigorous governance over the Partypika68slot.

Xi made the remarks on Thursday while presiding over a group study session of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee.

He highlighted the need to continue strengthening the overall leadership of the Party and upholding the centralized and unified leadership of the CPC Central Committee.

Xi emphasized the importance of achieving comprehensive coverage of the Party's governance, encompassing all areas and targets, ensuring complete accountability, and promoting institutional coherence.

pika68slot|Xi stresses improving systems for exercising full, rigorous Party governance

The study session was held days before the CPC celebrates the 103rd anniversary of its founding on July 1.

On behalf of the Party Central Committee, Xi extended festive greetings to Party members across the country.

Xi said that the Party has established the systems for exercising full and rigorous self-governance since its 18th national congress in 2012. He also noted that self-reform is an unceasing endeavor to address the challenges and risks the Party faces.

He stressed the need to refine the mechanisms through which the Party Central Committee's major decisions and plans are implemented to ensure that orders are handed down smoothly and executed without fail.

Efforts should also be made to explore and enhance Party building in new types of economic and social organizations and among groups in new forms of employment, said Xi.

The work of arming CPC members with the Party's new theories and intensifying education on Party spirit must be carried on, he added.

Xi noted that it is a must to improve the supervision system that addresses both symptoms and root causes of the conduct problems within the Party. He also called for enhancing supervision targeting sectors with a high concentration of power, funds and resources, so as to make sure that no privilege-seeking misconduct or corruption goes unnoticed.

The cage of rules that restrains power must be reinforced, and should be in line with the requirements of strengthening Party building in all respects, Xi noted, adding that a sound accountability system should also be enhanced.

He urged Political Bureau members to take the lead in exercising full and rigorous Party governance.

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