liveworldcupqualifiersasia|EU approves assistance package for Kenyan army

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NAIROBI, June 24 (Xinhua) -- The European Union (EU) announced Monday that it has approved its first-ever assistance measure under the European Peace Facility, allocating 20 million euros (about 21liveworldcupqualifiersasia.43 million U.S. dollars) to support the Kenyan military.

liveworldcupqualifiersasia|EU approves assistance package for Kenyan army

This initiative aims to enhance the operational capabilities of the Kenya Defense Forces, the EU said in a statement.

The financial support will also help secure border areas and counter the increasing operations of the al-Shabab terrorist group along the border with Somalia. The European Peace Facility will finance equipment, related supplies and services, including technical training as needed.

The EU said that the Kenya Army's infantry combat units, along with their combat support and combat service support units, will receive tactical unmanned aerial vehicles, non-lethal interceptors and jammers, systems to defeat improvised explosive devices, electronic warfare tools, cross-country tactical military-type vehicles, and a mobile medical post.

"Additionally, to support the Kenya Navy's efforts, naval marine units will be equipped with night vision goggles, life vests, and specific personal protective equipment," the statement added.

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