ctrnitrofueledswitch|New Zealand drivers embrace wireless EV charging: survey

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WELLINGTONctrnitrofueledswitch, June 24 (Xinhua) -- A survey published on Monday showed New Zealand's electric vehicle (EV) drivers viewed dynamic wireless charging positively overallctrnitrofueledswitch, although people have concerns about the safety and charging cost of it.

Dynamic wireless charging technology allows electric vehicles to charge while in motion, offering a promising solution to the limitations of fixed charging stations, according to the University of Auckland, which conducted the survey.

Although it has not become available yet, the survey of 1,150 existing and prospective Kiwi EV drivers viewed it positively.

On-road charging systems could revolutionize how people think about EV charging, making it more convenient and less time-consuming for users, said researchers from the University of Auckland.

The study helps to develop effective measures and policies for the successful integration of dynamic wireless charging into New Zealand's transportation network, according to the researchers.

About 93 percent of respondents are optimistic about dynamic wireless charging technology and would like to try it in the future, the survey showed.

The most compelling advantage of wireless charging is the ease and convenience it offers to EV users, by complementing stationary charging stations, it said, adding people who prioritize sustainability are more inclined to support and use dynamic wireless EV charging.

Social influences, including the behavior and choices of peers, were also found to affect drivers' decisions to use the tech, the surveyed said, adding urban users are more likely to adopt the technology than their rural counterparts.

However, the survey respondents voiced concerns about data privacy, electromagnetic radiation and the potential costs associated with the adoption and use of wireless in-road technology.

The study's primary investigator Ramesh Majhi said dynamic wireless charging offers significant advantages for intercity travel by reducing EV drivers' reliance on plug-in charging stations that often cause detours on highways.

ctrnitrofueledswitch|New Zealand drivers embrace wireless EV charging: survey

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