funroulette|China moves to advance public services in tourism sector

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BEIJINGfunroulette, July 4 (Xinhua) -- The next three to five years will see China basically establish an efficient tourism public service system featuring a complete structurefunroulette, sound standards, smooth operation, and high quality, according to the country's Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MCT).

A guideline jointly issued by the MCT and eight other departments on improving tourism public services aims to improve the capacity to provide tourism public services in weak areas, during peak hours and for the group with special needs, to ensure the system is compatible with the high-quality development of the tourism sector.

The guideline specified that the layout of tourist centers should be optimized and online services for tourism information enhanced. It also called for attention to be given to the construction of tourism transportation infrastructure, and tourism transportation services.

Requiring improvements to public services for inbound tourism, the guideline also stipulated tasks to enhance emergency rescue services in the tourism sector, and promote the integrated development of public cultural services and public tourism services.

funroulette|China moves to advance public services in tourism sector

The MCT pledged efforts to study and formulate relevant standards for tourism public services and establish a regular supervision and management mechanism.

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