cristalbaccarat|Swiss landslide kills 2, leaving one missing: media

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GENEVA, June 30 (Xinhua) -- After a landslide hit southern Switzerland over the night, rescuers found two bodies on Sunday.

Local media said the incident occurred at the Maggia Valley in canton Ticino and one person is still missing.

Thunderstorms and heavy rain affected southern and western Switzerland on Saturday evening and into the night.

The Ticino cantonal police initially did not provide any information about the victims' identities, stating that identification is underway. According to the local daily La Regione, the deceased were two women on holiday in the region.

Local media also reported that a bridge collapse made several valleys inaccessible and disrupted the power grid. People camping in the area were also evacuated.

Swiss President Viola Amherd said on social media flatform X (formerly Twitter)cristalbaccarat:" The heavy storms have caused major damage in several regions. People are missing in Ticino."

cristalbaccarat|Swiss landslide kills 2, leaving one missing: media

She expressed her condolence to those affected, adding that "the situation remains tense. Please take care and follow the instructions of the authorities."

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