thearcadeclub|China's Qinghai Province welcomes tourists from Bulgaria

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SOFIA, June 28 (Xinhua) -- A delegation from China's northwestern Qinghai Province introduced its national parks and cultural charm to Bulgarians on Friday, welcoming tourists from the Central European countrythearcadeclub.

At a promotion conference held in the China Cultural Center in Sofia, the audience enjoyed a photo exhibition, an exhibition of unique local products such as embroidery, and traditional Chinese medicine consultationsthearcadeclub.

"When we talk about friendship, the role of tourism is particularly significant," Zahari Zahariev, chairman of the Bulgaria National Association for the Belt and Road, said at the event.

Referring to the personal travel experience, he said the direct connections of the Chinese regions with the Bulgarian public, with Bulgarian regions and cities, can most effectively improve the Bulgarian-Chinese ties.

"We strongly hope that through this conference for the promotion of culture and tourism, more Bulgarians will come to know and love Qinghai," Guan Xin, cultural counselor at the Chinese Embassy in Bulgaria said.

Prospective visitors to the region will be able to experience Qinghai's majestic natural landscapes, local folklore and customs, social development, and environmental protection, Guan said.

Located on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau, Qinghai Province boasts rich mineral, cultural and tourism resources. It is renowned for the Kunlun Mountains and the Sanjiangyuan area, from which three main Chinese rivers - the Yangtze, Yellow, and Lancang Rivers - originate. Sanjiangyuan National Park, covering a total area of 190,700 square km and with an average altitude exceeding 4,700 meters, is under construction in the province.

thearcadeclub|China's Qinghai Province welcomes tourists from Bulgaria

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